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Foot Locker 5k at Mt. SAC RR with pics - My quads hurt!!! (Read 270 times)


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    That is a nice time for a very tough looking course.

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    Bin Running

      Jack, you did well on the hilly course. You rocked those socks!

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        Wow!  What a race!   You were SMOKING!!   Love the socks and all the pics!  Thanks for sharing!

        But The Smile That I Sent Out Returned With You.

          Sounds to me like you just ran an all out 5K.  They hurt like a mo fo.  Hills make it worse.

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          Jack K.

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            Thanks Bin and Dan


            Pink: I was only smoking on the first mile. The funny thing is, I had NO idea I could do that!


            LtH: Those hills felt like mountains.


              Lucky you, Jack! I was at Mt. SAC for Footlocker on Saturday too, but I just went to watch the seeded girls race. Maybe I'll give the supporters' race a go next year. That is a gnarly course but it looks like a lot of fun. Of course, I wouldn't be nearly as fast as you and your DW. Nice times!  


              Wickedly Average

                Jack attacks Mt. SAC!


                Nice job. That hill looks downright mean!

                Tom (formerly known as PhotogTom)

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                delicate flower

                  Nice work, Klompus and Klompette!  Great speed, not to mention doing it on dirt.  Those "short" hills in 5K's are always torture on the legs.  Not so bad if you are just running an easy training run, but when you're blasting away at your hardest effort and hit a hill, it's going to hurt like hell no matter how small the hill is. 


                  Excellent work, my friend!



                  Barking Mad To Run

                    Wow, fast time, especially on a course like that!  Congratulations!


                    See that, I passed her! I still got it!! At least she also has some cool socks.


                    You only noticed her SOCKS as you were passing her? Yeah, buddy, you ARE getting older! Wink

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                      That's some hill!  My quads hurt from just looking at the pictures.  haha!  Smile