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    This is worse than trying to start an old beat up truck.




    I'm getting there though.  Sigh....


      Good Morning and Happy Sunday!!


      Eddie - Enjoy your run and gym time!


      Makk - Have a fun time with your friends.  That sounds like a great activity list for this morning!  


      Kay - You are totally rocking it!!  Congrats on the PR!


      Gustav - Dessert first?  I like the way you think!!  Good work at the gym yesterday!


      Basya - Have a great run and I hope the weights go well for you later!


      Baboon - Good luck with your race and PR attempt!   I bet you tear it up!  


      LRB - I need coffee too!   


      RMT3B - Sorry that your legs are trashed.  Hope whatever you decide to run is thoroughly enjoyable and that you feel better afterwards!


      Flippy - Enjoy your miles!  Hope that yoga class really helps!  LRB's post is making me think about yoga too.....


      Cris - maybe LRB will share his coffee with you to get you going this morning.....  Good for you for getting on the bike even though you're still tired - just don't fall off!


      My two games last night wore me out!!  Of course no dinner and only a pear and a banana for lunch probably wasn't the fueling strategy I should have used going into the games either.....  I'm hoping for 6-8 today, I think.  I need to see how my knee is doing later.....


      May you very everything on your to-do list for today crossed off early!!  Have a Pinktacular day!!  And, may your next run be your best yet!!


      - Sarah

      But The Smile That I Sent Out Returned With You.


        Nice pic LRB, very descriptive!  You are right Pink...


        Be well and have a good day,




          Morning all-


          Good luck to all the Sunday Racers


          Decided to take a rest day yesterday and may just take 2 in a row for the first time in a long time.  Going to cut down 2 trees with the family in a little while.  


          Happy Sunday 




          Jess runs for bacon

            Good morning all!


            Phil, good luck getting that PR today!

            Kay, congrats on the new PR distance!

            Heidi, sorry to hear your legs are trashed. Take it easy today and hopefully you'll get those 20!


            Today is a mega rest day, meaning I am not going ANYTHING today. I'm feeling rough after running hard (well, not hard, but harder for me) on Friday and Saturday, and I think I overextended my knee a little bit because the back of it hurts today.


            So I channeled LRB today and put some fresh grounds in my french press for some REAL coffee. And I slept in until 9:15. Doing Sunday right!






                9.0 miles in 1:29:53. 9:59 pace. A LR pace PRSmile Unexpected.
                Purple Toes

                  Good Morning Everyone!  Thanks for the warm welcomes!  I managed to fit in my run yesterday--pretty sure I would have skipped it if I hadn't posted in the dailies so thanks for inspiring me.  I plan to do an easy 5 outside today. Good luck to the racers.


                  Have a great day!


                  Jess runs for bacon




                    Aww, that's what my kitty looked like when she was a wee one, complete with spastic look.




                      Great job with the pictures, LRB!


                        I had a difficult and slow 5k on my treadmill but I can say at least I got it done.


                        Have a good day everyone.


                        *it's Bertha or me. My money is on me.*


                        Not a dude

                          Just 3 at recovery pace this morning. Beautiful day out, but a bit warmer than I expected.

                            Planning 5 trail miles after I finish my pumpkin smoothie.  Then we have some gingerbread house making scheduled with my daughter Smile

                            andrew jerald

                              I went 8 miles today at 9:00 pace. I died around 6 miles, I'm guessing the tempo run yesterday kind of affected me.

                                I had a difficult and slow 5k on my treadmill but I can say at least I got it done.


                                Have a good day everyone.



                                Lori! Good to see you! How have you been?