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just another runner

    With all the spam and people moving here, do you think 2013 in 2103 will move here?

    The first step is to get up off the couch!

      I don't know if Doug would like to try to continue the game over here, but...I think that would depend on whether we could collect the data here like we did on RWOL.  With the changes made to RWOL , right now we have to manually enter all the registration info, and once we get that in to our workbooks we'd have to see if we could even collect the data.  Glenn (Zuben) set up the workbook and he's the one with the knowledge of websites and macros.



        venomized, 46,20





        OK - that test went pretty well - I can get the info into the spreadsheet. 


          OK, here's a test of the results posting



          Week 45 - Results

          If you haven't already done so, please post your results for Week 45 here (including any missed weeks).

          Weekly Results Archive
          Wk. 01    Wk. 02    Wk. 03    Wk. 04    Wk. 05    Wk. 06   

          Special Awards for Week 45:

          Evel Knievel Award: (Highest percentage over last 10 week's average)
          Top Spot: PressEnter[] ran 329.2% above 10-week average!
          Runner-up: TwoGees (260.1%)
          Consolation: Start42Run (213.9%)

          Repo Man Award: (Highest percentage over Needed weekly mileage, but behind goal pace)
          Top Spot: mammahawk ran 57.8% over Needed Weekly Mileage this week!
          Runner-up: Celauran (41.6%)
          Consolation: sdnyc99 (38.7%)

          Warren Buffet Award: (Most miles in the bank in weeks)
          Top Spot: rainmakerrc with 71.5 weeks of miles banked!
          Runner-up: scottalthen (56.3 wks)
          Consolation: Angel 64 (51.52 wks)
          Club Average: -1.9 weeks

          Cruisin' Award: (Most consistent over the previous 10 weeks)
          Top Spot: Tandan (score: 118.036)
          Runner-up: PsychRunning (score: 17.741)
          Consolation: nosaint (score: 15.666)
          Club Average: 3.1


          = High mileage for the year! Have a beer on me.
          = Over 150% of 10-week average. Wow!
          = On IR. Get well soon!
          = Over needed MPW
          = Under needed MPW
          = Less than 50% of needed MPW.
          = Missing post(s). Please update ASAP.

          Member - Miles (posted miles this week) - 10Wk (10-week averageMPW) - YTD (YTD Average MPW)
          Need (Avg. MPW needed to reach goal) - (+/-) (Miles Ahead/Behind goal pace - Notes (No. of missing weeks or note)
          Members appearing in boldface have reached their annual goal!

            Member Miles 10Wk YTD Need (+/-) Notes
          12EasyMiles 41.33 57.1 56.5 8 297.7  
          26mile 25.1 28.5 26.2 9.8 100.9  
          500lbs2marathon 0 0 3.2 120.3 -722.4 (1 wk)
          abcyates 26.92 28 22.5 -1.5 147.1  
          ACRC 23.26 26.2 38.4 -102 865.3  
          adkkev 29.5 32.1 38.4 -102.1 866.2  
          Albu 45 28.3 28.8 42.4 -83.9  
          alf2617 28.28 36.8 41.3 21.2 123.6  
          Amanda in ATL 41.5 37.1 37.1 20.8 100.2  
          Amygdala 5.37 5.4 8 -8.1 98.8  
          andee1296 16 18.4 17.4 58.5 -254  
          Angel 64 61 45.1 41.1 -118.8 985.4  
          Angelbethany 15.11 19.2 16.9 35.9 -119.5 (1 wk)
          AngusD 22.2 22.1 23 22.8 1  
          asummersett 1.38 6.2 8.2 18.1 -60.9  
          ASUnk00 31.5 38.5 38.5 107.2 -424.1  
          athensguy 59.15 70.3 59.5 -164.8 1382.3  
          awnm 34.1 33.4 33.8 -16.8 311.2  
          b a d g e r 38 50.2 52.9 -78.3 807.6  
          Battman 27.1 48.1 49.4 108.7 -366.9  
          baxdaddy 42.1 28.3 24 -25 301.5  
          bbqden 0 4.5 18.1 193.8 -1083.9  



          just another runner

            so at this point the software for this forum seems to interact with the game coding better than what is currently being used on the spam site.....nice to know in case the game moves over here....w00t

            The first step is to get up off the couch!


            Space Cadet

              I might rejoin if it moves over here.

                I might rejoin if it moves over here.


                Me too.

                  I think I might try for 2013 if the game comes here. 

                    I signed up for next year, but it'd be nice if it was over here.  That way I wouldn't have to log in over there at all, since that's the only reason I go there now.

                      If I may interject...  I'm not sure what's involved in the game, but I know RA has better integration support than RWOL.  RA has an API that allows third parties to access user data (with the user's permission) so the game site can tap into your data automatically.  If you describe what is needed, I can even embed the game directly into this group.  I've done customizations for other groups on RA.  The official annual mileage and running streak groups have their own addons:


                      1500 Miles Club

                      Mile A Day


                      eric Smile

                      Bad Ass

                        Sounds like it's doable here.  Pretty please!


                        Maybe for now you can have them in both places but in RWOL provide a link to the posting here and results?  Just an idea!



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                        It's always fucking hot in Miami!

                          It just seems easier over here.  Thank you Eric!   I've used your log for 3 full years.  It's the best log out there.  Now we know why.  

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                            Yippee. I had signed up already for the 2013 miles game and was hoping it'd move over here as well. The ability to link directly to logs with the API also makes a lot of sense though it may be tougher since everyone has different goals - unlike the fixed 1500 mile Club that Eric posted. (Though the Bunny Pacer graph is a nice visual for the fixed 1500 goal)

                            Train smart ... race smarter.

                              Another bonus is we have immediate access to the sub-forums, which can be password protected. No need to go to FB (that was an issue for our team initially). It'd be similar to the Loop (except better, since I hated the Loop). The layout within each team sub-forum would be easier to follow than within FB too. I still can't understand why FB did away with the Discussion tabs.

                              Drink up moho's!!

                                Who is the head admin around these parts?  I heard a name Eric?  If we move over here with the 2013 game then we should probably seek his blessing on it and set up a sub forum for the game.  I would bet there are some RA regualrs that would like in on oit as well.


                                I have no problem moving.