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Super Bowl 10k RR - PR and pics! (Read 89 times)

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    Yesterday I ran the Super Bowl 10k, a local race in the beautiful Lehigh Parkway. This is the second year in a row I’ve run this race. Last year we had ideal conditions – mid 30 temps, clear roads, no wind – and I ran it in 1:00:17. This year was a bit different. It had snowed about an inch the night before, and I was devastated to find out when we got there that they hadn’t cleared the roads. They were a slushy, slippery mess. It was about 23 degrees as well.


    Elevation profile:



    I have been hunting for a sub-1:00 10k since I came so close last February. I ran a 10k on Labor Day and I ended up PR-ing by 6 seconds (ha… 1:00:11) because it was terribly humid and it downpoured on us for the first half mile. I ran a 10k as part of the Runner’s World Hat Trick, but I had PR’d the 5k an hour beforehand so I ran the 10k for fun. This was my chance to get under an hour, or… dare I dream… 58 minutes?! So as you can imagine, when I saw the condition of the roads, my heart sank.


    A goal: 58 minutes (yep, still held on to that dream)

    B goal: Under an hour


    C goal: Run as fast as I could without falling





    My RP and I before the race, with our hot pink race shirt!




    I arrived with my running partner about an hour and 10 minutes before the start (which was 10am). We got our shirts and then sat in my car with my husband and one of our other friends who was running the race. At about 9:40, I used the porta potty and then did a slow half mile warmup to try to get feeling back into my toes. We got in the crowd  and the Race Director said a few words – the few that I actually caught were “This is NOT a day to PR. Be careful out there.”



    The race began at 10:02. The course was lollipop-style – an out-and-back with a loop at the turnaround.


    The first mile was out of the parkway and up a steep hill. 9:37


    The second mile was up an even STEEPER hill. This hill was TOUGH – I slid a few times because the slush was terrible.  9:31


    I saw Jess (lilac_jive) at the top of the hill and she cheered me on and I guess got a short video?? Ha. Mile 3 included some other short hills, and I finally got to the turnaround loop.  9:35


    At the beginning of mile 4 I saw Jess again, and we had a conversation that was something like this (my memory is a little hazy):


    Jess: You’re gonna PR!

    Me: I’m gonna get under an hour!

    Jess: UNDER AN HOUR!

    Me: I’M DOING IT!


    Mile 4 took us back down the steep hill. In this mile I started bargaining with myself – “Oh hey, I could do 10-minute miles and still get under an hour.” 9:16


    Mile 5 was comprised of the tough hill leading back into the parkway. I just worked on maintaining pace, knowing that the end was near. 9:09


    Mile 6 was probably the worst. It was the loooooong trek back into the parkway. It was mostly flat, which was nice, but I was just ready to be DONE. 8:51


    6.2: I saw 57:00 turn over on the clock and I thought to myself “Oh shit, I’ve got this!” and kicked it in. 7:50 pace



    57:36 official time, Garmin said 57:32. PR by over 2 and a half minutes. It was timed by bib tear-off so I’ll trust the Garmin. Wink I always wonder what mathematical formulas they use for determining “official” times that way. 10/24 AG (30-34F) and 271/437 overall.



    This is a hard course but I enjoy it. I find myself performing better on hilly courses than flat ones. Not sure why that is – maybe my body just likes the variety more. I also find hills more mentally stimulating. Flat courses bore the hell out of me.


    My next race is a 5k this Saturday, which I probably won’t race. I have no idea what the course looks like, so it will be a game-day decision. Maybe a 5k PR is in my future if I feel good enough.

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      When I said I wanted to see the RR in 30 minutes, you really outdid yourself!


      Congrats on your new PR.  I cannot wait to see what you're capable of come Spring.  Great pictures too!



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      It's always fucking hot in Miami!

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        Congrats on running a great race in pretty bad conditions! Thanks for the awesome race report and pics. Well done all around!

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          Wooowoo!!!! You were looking great out there, I knew you could do it Smile You should have seen the roads earlier, by the time you raced they were 100% better. I was worried for all of you though (especially since the roads were open to traffic, yikes). I'll show you the video this weekend, there's a second of you and me wailing AHHH STUPID PHONE!


          Congrats again Smile Love the pics too!


            great job.

            my only question is, where are your gloves?

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              Pinktabulous job!!   Way to go, April!   Thanks for sharing your story and all the pics!

              But The Smile That I Sent Out Returned With You.


                April, those are such great pictures that show well the course and the race. You looked strong and comfortable out there, WTG runner! Congratulations on your PR on such a difficult course! BTW, brrr... snow is definitely not for me. You rock!

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                  Awesome job!!!  Great photos and I love that pink race shirt!!


                  Go figure

                    You did such an awesome job to set a PR in those conditions.  You've obviously been doing some great training this winter!  I'm sure you'll have lots more PRs in the works as you get some better weather and more races this year.  Keep up the excellent work.

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                    YAYpril - B-Plus

                      Thanks, everyone!!


                      Damaris, Big grin Thanks! I'm excited to see how my HM on April 28 goes. It's my current PR course.


                      NotScott, thanks! It was my first snowy race. Was definitely an experience.


                      Jess, it still makes me chuckle that you took a video instead of a picture, LOL. Thanks for volunteering. It was great having you on the sidelines. Smile


                      Tomas, my hands warm up REALLY fast so I'm usually chucking my gloves in the first mile unless the wind is bad. I decided to go without since I didn't have zippered pockets. Smile


                      Sarah, thank you!


                      Lily, thanks!


                      Beth, I love the shirt too! I tried it on when I got home yesterday and it fits me perfectly. Even the sleeves are long enough and I have long arms.


                      SIAR, thank you! 2013 is The Year of Consistency for me. I'm running more and better than ever and I am having a blast.


                      Skirt Runner

                        Wow, April great job!!! The course looks unbelievably tough with hills AND snow yet you totally rocked it! Congrats on the PR and first sub-hour 10K! Love the purple shoes and zip up...I have a half zip the same color just about! And that is such an awesome race shirt....did the men get hot pink too???

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                          Nice PR in the slush!




                            Congrats on the big PR, April. Nice RR too!


                              Nice job April, even in the slushy snow, congrats! I second the your crazy with no gloves (or maybe I'm just a sissy)!

                              delicate flower

                                Great job, April!  Those conditions do NOT look like ideal PR conditions but you still got it done.  You've definitely got faster 10K's in you if you ever decide to run one in conditions that don't suck.  Smile