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HI GUYS! I've missed you! Fill me in! (Read 155 times)


    Hey! You're here!  Yes, this is a Scap post, but I am allowed to be excited by others.  Hi, TakeAHike! =)


    Why thank you Di!  Now, let's get back on topic.


    Scap, are you planning to run the 5th Avenue Mile? It is months away, but I can't wait.  Also,  if you are interested there will be a new mile race in New Rochelle on June 9th.  Hopefully, this will be the first running of a great new tradition..  You can register through NYCRuns.


    2013 goals: 800m: 2:20 | mile: 4:59 | 5k: 18:59 | 10k: 39:59 | HM: 1:32 | Marathon: 3:20



      Doesn't surprise me, he sent me a skeevy message on RW.  What happened?


      Apparently you weren't the only one.







      Hip Redux

         The James Park saga


        You know, if you have a few hours to spend reading through that hot mess!


        YAYpril - B-Plus

          Welcome back! I'm glad you made it here. Also happy that you're healthy and running again. Smile