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Why do so many runners frown upon the TM? (Read 237 times)


    So I've looked over my running log recently and it appears that since owning my TM, I am doing a lot more runs on it. I love it for convenience and safety and don't feel like by running on it vs. the road will damper my running. What I don't get, is that runners who do not use it or swear not to use it talk down to those that do. I don't have anyone in particular that has made me feel inferior, it is just something that I have noticed over the years. IMO running on the TM is better than no running at all. When I do get a chance to run and it is convenient, I choose to run the road. End of soapbox.

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      TM is better than not running at all.  Having said that, I can never get better workout that simulates my racing conditions than outside, especially since it is not hot and humid on the TM And it is on race day.


      FWIW, I can run low 9mm on the TM, 11mm outside.


      Still, it is better than not running and when presented with that alternative, I choose the TM.



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        Which question do you want an answer for, why some runners frown upon the TM or why those who do talk down to TM users?

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          I don’t care how other people train. To me, treadmill running is insanely boring. I, like most people I think, don’t run exactly even splits, so staying on the same treadmill pace lasts me about a half mile before I get bored and fidget with the settings. And then my whole workout becomes about playing with the treadmill buttons, waiting for the miles to be over. No thank you.


            I hate running on treadmills.  To me, it's boring & tortuous and I will not do it.  I see treadmill running as being a different activity from outdoor running.  To me, the treadmill is to running what the stationary exercise bike is to riding a bike outdoors.


            That said, I don't fault anyone for running on a treadmill.  If you enjoy it, you should do it no matter what anyone thinks.


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              No frowning here. I just don't like it personally, so I'll fight like heck to avoid it. I'm guessing people will talk about lack of wind resistance, the pulling effect of the belt, and lack of terrain variation as negatives. Like you said though, if it's TM or no running, TM is the way to go. Whether we admit it or not, I think the group mentality here also drives people to get out in conditions they otherwise wouldn't. That can be good (read motivating) and bad (read over-training/too much too soon).


              As for you, glad you're happy with your TM purchase and getting lots of use out of it. Keep up the good work, and I'm sure you'll be running even more strongly when you have a chance to be outside more.


              Also, as for me, I stink on the TM. My easy pace is about 1:15 slower than outside, and that frustrates the heck out of me.

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                I have always had kids at home during the day. I usually ran while one (or more) napped. Now, my youngest plays while I run and I don't have to interfere with homework time, sports or DH's after supper workout. My only other option is to run at 4:30am and be home by 6am to get my older kids up for school. It is the best I can do, so I just do it.


                  I guess I was frustrated because of the fact that some runners say that TM running isn't real running. I totally agree that running on the road best simulates the race terrain etc. I guess I was just venting. I run four -five days a week and about half of this is on the TM because of convenience. I definitely run faster outside than on the TM for whatever reason. My paces vary significantly. Anyway, I'm not really sure why I started this thread. I was just annoyed and like to see how others who use the TM often (lily and Phil) feel about it. It obviously doesn't effect their running abilities and I don't think it effects mine so much. We'll see come race season.  SIAR-You made some excellent points. I'd rather use my TM than fall on a patch of ice any day.

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                    I prefer the road whenever possible, but I'm getting better about running on a treadmill.  I just have trouble dealing with the monotony, lack of moving air and no change in scenery.  On the road, my mind is wandering and I'm feeling great.  On the treadmill, I'm constantly looking down at the console to see how much longer I have to stay on that dreaded thing.


                    So, I don't look down on anybody for running on a treadmill.  I actually respect your dedication if you're willing to do it.  I'm going to have to tonight because it's too cold for the road salt to do it's job.  I've seen too many cars off the road to think that I can safely run along the curb without the constant fear of a car sliding into me or into oncoming traffic.  Knowing that I'll be on a treadmill, I'm already dreading it.


                    Also, the paces on my gyms treadmills are either way off or I run drastically different on them.  I mean it's not even close.  The app on my phone will tell me I'm running at a 9 mpm pace (acts like a pedometer, when you turn off the GPS).  The console will say I'm running at almost 11 mpm.  It feels like 10 mpm.  I figure that if I go by feel, or split the difference I get the same answer.


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                      Treadmills aren't very macho.




                      But I do wish I had one this week.

                        I am someone who tolerates the TM to the point I purchased one for the house last December. That, plus my family uses it and I won't let my daughter run outside in the dark quite yet. While I prefer to run outside and that will always be my first option, the fact is I just can't get quality speed work done in the winters here. At least typical winters as last year was an anomaly. I like being able to just head down to the basement and run and not have to get dressed, drive to the gym, possibly wait for a TM, etc. especially in the mornings.


                        Is it boring? Yeah, I guess. But I've got a TV going for distraction. Plus intervals, tempos, and runs like that tend to make it better rather than just slogging through the miles.




                        Just B.S.

                          I don't frown on it at all. I have a very good quality one right in my basement along with the weight set and

                          bike trainer and I avoid it at all costs!LOL


                          I actually admire people that can run more than 3 miles on the  treadmill because after that I'm wanting to kill

                          myself. Even with the TV to watch. O the other hand I can spend 2 hours on the bike trainer without a problem.


                          I just do not enjoy any part of any run I've ever done on a treadmill and I've owned it since 2006.


                          I used it about 10 times/winter when the temps are really really cold and I absolutley cannot run outside

                          or snow/ice prevents it. I often change up my weekly schedule to allow me to run without using the



                          I did walk on it a lot last Feb when I was coming back from my surgery and could not run at all.


                          I cannot run as fast on the treadmill as I do outdoors and it's the only time I end up with aches and

                          pains after running.


                          It's just not my thing.

                            As for treadmill people being real runners, maybe it's just that people running on treadmills in gyms and the like are less likely to be serious runners and more likely to be people trying to stay in shape. I dunno. With the 30 minute limits on most gym treadmills, I couldn't get my mileage in if I were stuck indoors.


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                              I don't know. It's boring, sure, but it's a great option to have in inclement weather.

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