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My 5 Mile Trail Race Report (Read 66 times)

Just B.S.

    I usually don't write RR for anything under a half marathon and posted a short recap on the dailies

    late yesterday that  few people saw. My reports tend to not be that interesting because I don't remember

    or write up a huge amount of race details, plus I'm pretty slow and boring. I'm the type of runner who

    totally goes into my own head and keeps in tune with my body when I'm running so I don't see a lot that

    goes on around me. I just start when the gun goes off and get to the finish steady as I can and thats

    usually about it.Big grin


    The reason I am making a separate post is not really because of the race itself but what happened the

    day before and today after racing a 5 miler yesterday.


    I am now 14 days out from a full marathon. I didn't taper for the 5 miler. In fact I swam 1,500 meters

    Friday morning, then ran 5 miles later in the day on Friday about 15 hours before the race. 


    This is our 8th consecutive year doing this 5 mile trail race. (yes I've been racing for a long time!LOL)

    The Brent Kelly Memorial 5 miler.  It is held in a local nature park on trail, in memory of our friends

    son/nephew/ Grandson (we know the entire family) who died at age 12. It was one of his favorite

    places to walk and run with his family (he comes from a family of runners, Aunt and Grampa have

    both run Boston multiple times and were there this year at the high school in Hopkinton as volunteers).

    Proceeds go to fund athletics for kids from low income families.


    Last year my time for this race was 48:38 but I was only back to running a few weeks after major surgery

    in early Feb 2012. It was the only race distance of 2012 (only ran 5 miles the once) in which

    I didn't have a distance PR so I was really hoping for a decent time this year as redemption. Also its a good

    confidence booster 14 days before a full (#6) to run a good race of any distance.


    Course starts with almost a mile across a sandy beach road, then you climb 125 feet over a 500 foot

    distance on loose gravel and sand. If you aren't sucking wind by the time you get to the top of that hill

    you aren't working hard enough.Big grin Then if you aren't running up a hill you are going down a hill. Around

    in a big loop and back to the 1 mile of sandy road to the finish.


    I found a photo from a previous year that shows the grade on that hill, it continues like that until you

    reach the top about a 125 foot climb. This is just the start of that hill with the start line in the distance

    across the beach. Fun stuff.


    Pretty pleased today. With no taper and swimming and running the day before  At age 51 on my 8th year at

    this race  I course PR'd by almost 2 full minutes (previous course PR was 45:26 in 2010) and finished 

    3rd/32 my AG and  79/250 overall with a time of 43:31.  I was also the 17th woman to finish.


    My road PR is 42:27 (2010) but pretty hard to compare the two different races and the fact that I was only one

    minute off that on a really hard course is a big deal for me and I think shows how much my speed has

    improved since then..


    My 5k split was 26:30 so I lost a little in the last 3k but the rolling hills in the 4th mile before returning to

    the beach for the last mile are pretty relentless.


    Hubby ran a good race also, 37:25 , 4th in 40-49 AG (he is 49) and 15th overall.


    Now to the good part.


    Today Hubby and i did our last longish run before the marathon , 15.65 miles.  I was supposed to do

    some marathon paced miles but really didn't plan on it when I set out today because of yesterday's race.

    My left achilles and right knee were a tad sore from all the climbing with bad footing and running hard

    on sand and gravel yesterday.


    But after a slow 2.5 mile warm up today I decided that I wouldn't wimp out and I would try the run as

    scheduled. Ended up running my fastest 13.1 mile split of my training cycle with miles 2.5-13.1

    run at MP +10 seconds and the last 2.5 as a cool down . I hit the Half Marathon point at 2:07

    (have normally been in the 2:12-2:15 range for my long runs over the last 6-7 weeks).


    Told myself to slow down for the last bit and ended up with 25km in just under 2:30. Just beating my

    25K race time personal best from 2005. And this was a training run!!!


    Woot! Woot!  I feel so ready for this marathon. Last time in Sept 2012 I had a 7 minute PR and I feel

    much stronger and faster now and I think doing this training run so well after 3 consecutive days of

    running with a race in the middle is great for my race day self-confidence.


    So I write this for, like me, the older and slower folks. You can keep improving as you get older even

    into your 50's. Last year at 50 I had an entire season of distance and course PR's (with the exception

    of this race) I am hoping to do that again this year.


    Wish me luck.  

    Thanks for reading!


      That's a great confidence booster, Beth! You will totally rock your marathon! Smile


      And congrats on your 5 mile race! Awesome PR! It looked like a very tough course. Very beautiful though...

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      Bad Ass

        Great job.  Congrats!



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        It's always fucking hot in Miami!


        Jess runs for bacon

          Nice work on both counts! Can't wait to see what you do in your marathon!


            Beth, you are going to do well in the upcoming full. I loved the read, and the pic is really cool. As you know, I too, am in the old people group, so, chalk one up for us. You and your DH are quite the inspiration. I hope to complete my first full at age 52, lol.


              Your achievements are always inspiring for an aging runner like myself (45 in a couple of weeks). Can't wait to read your RR for this marathon.



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                Wow, sounds like you are peaking just right.  Marathon training at its best.  Go Beth.

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                Lordy,  I hope there are tapes. 

                He's a leaker!


                  Congratulations on a great race and a great training run.  Thanks for sharing your insights as well.  I am just a few years younger than you and our HM and marathon PR's are almost identical so I am excited to see that you continue to improve.  I look forward to seeing what you do with your marathon.  Good luck!


                  Skirt Runner

                    Congrats on the PR! You are gonna kick this marathon's ass!

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                      Congrats Beth. You're going to have such a great race.


                      Go figure

                        Got ya in the other forum already, but great job.  That car lined pic is kinda crazy.  Think of all the exhaust if those were running ha.  Well done by your dh too.  You guys are part mountain goat after all that Canadian climbing I'm sure.  I can't wait for your marathon.

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                        running is bad for you



                          no one deserves all these rewards for your efforts more than you.

                          Just B.S.



                            no one deserves all these rewards for your efforts more than you.


                            Awww, thank MBC, that was a really really nice thing to say.


                            I do have to say with everything I have been thru "life related" during this training cycle there were many

                            days when I didn't think I could keep up the training but I'm very glad I did.


                            BTW, Buster is doing OK right now. I'm just worried how he will be when he comes off the meds and

                            painkillers again. Visited Auntie in the home last night and she is going gret.


                            Thanks to everyone who took the time to comment. I know it was just a 5 mile race but a 2 minute PR

                            at my age on any race distance is a big deal to me.Smile


                              Congrats Beth on the PR. That part of the race looks great. I love when I see so much of a course in front of me.


                                What an awesome race, Beth!!   The "hill" in that picture looks intimidating to me!   I'm so happy that it's all coming together now just in time for your race!!  You've trained well, and I cannot wait to read how you just totally OWN your upcoming marathon!!!  Go, Beth, GO!!!

                                But The Smile That I Sent Out Returned With You.