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2016 Marathon & Ultra Race Thread: Post Your Races Here! (Read 1126 times)

No more marathons

    Asheville Biltmore marathon - March 3, 2013 This will be my 3rd in a little over 6 months. Having trouble keeping motivation up for training. How do those of you with multiples planned keep your focus?

    Boston 2014 - a 33 year journey

    Lordy,  I hope there are tapes. 

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      Thanks for the update!

        March 1, 2013: Jerusalem Marathon

          Feb. 16 - Pilot Mtn Payback Trail Marathon

          April 20 - Leatherwood Mountain Ultra Run 50 Miler


          and not confirmed but unofficially picked in the lottery....Massanutten 100 miler on May 18-19

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            It's always fucking hot in Miami!


            Drink up moho's!!

      on April 14, 2013.  Marathon # 16 for me.





              Chicago 2013 in October.  Not sure what number that 1 will be but I bet its not number 17


              just another runner

                baxdaddy, Little Rock Marathon 3 March      my first full

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                  I will be doing these for sure, others to be added as I register.


                  10/13 Chicago Marathon

                  10/26 Equalizer 24 Hour Endurance Run

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                  PRs: 5K - 27:43, 10K - 57:14, HM - 2:06:18, FM - 5:22:42

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                    Philadelphia Marathon 11/17/13 for Marathon #6

                    PR's - 5K - 20:15 (2013) | 10K - 45:14 (2011)  | 13.1 - 1:34:40 (2013)  | 26.2 - 3:40:40 (2014)


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                      All updated!



                      "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                      It's always fucking hot in Miami!

                        Seattle marathon, dec. 1st.

                        I may be slow but I never quit.

                          Damaris, can you add me to the list?  I will be running the Mount Desert Island marathon on Oct 20.  I'm so freakin' excited to have another full on my schedule, as well as anticipating going back to my home state!


                          5k: 25:05 (Sep 2011)     10k: 51:57 (Aug 2012)     half: 1:56:46 (May 2013)     full: 4:09:46 (Jan 2016)

                            Hey Damaris, remember that the Chicago registration date was moved from Feb 1 to Feb 19 at 12:00 PM CST.  I suggest you be poised over your keyboard at that famous date and time.


                            I'll be there for my sixth consecutive Chicago.   We will have to have an FE.  Any idea where you are going to be staying?  I always stay at the Congress Plaza which is the closest hotel to the start/finish.  It is not the swankiest of places, but it is the most convenient and it always seems that everyone who stays there is also running the race.


                              Central Park Marathon on 2/24 for me

                                Adding one more for me to my aforementioned reaces:  The Peanut Island 24-Hour Race in FL on 31 Dec 2012 :-) (All major races listed in the sig line, only peanut island not on there yet.   (Changed username from KLD to K L Duke, but same person and I am keeping this username to death, will not change it again :-)

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