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2019 Race 37 Barbacoa and Big Red 5K (Read 5 times)

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    I am Scott aka Scottydog aka Scotty Dogg, runner since 1983, cancer survivor – caught very early, so I actually had a fairly easy time of it - retired Air Force, employee of University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), friend of dogs, fun-runner, and all-around punster and goofball.  In 2003 I had spinal arthritis flare up and ever since then I’ve done the run/walk method since it hurts my back too much now to run continuously with no walk breaks.  I’m on what I call my “2F Plan” which stands for Fun and Finish.  My only goals for a race these days are finish everything I start, have fun along the way, and finish standing up with no ambulance waiting for me.  At events that I now do for fun I carry my camera, chase “Great Legs” to help motivate my slow old man self to keep moving forward, and take pictures before, during, and after the race. Sometimes I even get a nice post-race sweaty hug from one of the Great Legs ladies.   I then do a pictorial race report of my events.  I also carry dog biscuits with me to treat any dogs I may meet at a run – unless it’s a mean dog; then the biscuit goes in one direction and I go in another.  Hence my nickname “Scottydog.”


    A BIG THANKS to for allowing me a “home” for my many many MANY race reports and photos.  Great site, free training log; calendars; running routes; maps; conversation forums for runners; and much more


    I don’t have great camera skills and take photos with a camera that is like me  - old fashioned, lol - so sorry if a photo appears a bit blurry, etc.  However, they are free, so that's something, right? 


    Here is yet another of my photo reports.  Full report below.     


    Link to photos only:



    My 37th race of 2019 was Big Red and Barbacoa 5K held on June 9th at Comanche Park in San Antonio.  This event supports SA Eagles Athletics Club is a nonprofit organization designed to expose our youth to the sport of track & field and running.  Nice turnout for a Sunday morning, about 400 or so participants. Race start time of 8:30 a.m., so it was already near 80 degrees by the time we started, and very humid.  I arrived with about 45 minutes to go to start time and got a few pre-start photos.


    Our music man and MC

     photo 001_zpsachplrq1.jpg


    With friend Bernadette. I think this was her 40th race of the year

     photo 003_zpsxo7cccg6.jpg


    Two old guys and one young whipper-snapper

     photo 006_zpsd7zpq7io.jpg


    Opportunity to adopt a dog

     photo 009_zpsblw5kew0.jpg


    iaap crew members


     photo 015_zpsnkqzxymq.jpg


     photo 016_zpscdo9dsqf.jpg





     photo 008_zpskbwyrsls.jpg


     photo 010_zpsv0ryevri.jpg


     photo 012_zpsh7txap3f.jpg

     photo 014_zpswdv9zlrl.jpg


     photo 018_zpsum6bmqvj.jpg


    This guy modeled the race shirt for me.  Thanks!

     photo 019_zps6lu1jimo.jpg


     photo 020_zpsfnfdne5e.jpg


    Getting ready to start

     photo 021_zpsuenvxep0.jpg


     photo 022_zpsn8incquk.jpg




    Out-and-back course, starting from near the main pavilion area of the park.  As said previously, very humid, but thankfully the course was mostly flat, with just one short incline, and lots of shade along the way.  Even so, it got warmer pretty quickly – temp actually went over 100 degrees for us later in the day – so, after a hilly 5K I did on Saturday morning, I just took it easy for this one; usually I take 2 walk breaks for a 5K but for this one I took 3.  Ended up with 35-minutes and change chip time, which got me 3rd place in my 65 – 69 age group.  Did not expect to place at all, so bonus, lol.


     photo 023_zps74pu99cm.jpg


     photo 024_zpsqbenkk97.jpg


     photo 025_zpsnvkj035h.jpg


     photo 026_zpsqlqgd8pe.jpg


     photo 027_zpsx8f9qoc5.jpg


     photo 028_zpsjbkm1s5w.jpg


     photo 029_zpsexocztsz.jpg


    Made the turn-round and am on the way to the finish

     photo 030_zpskvbyek4k.jpg


     photo 031_zpszldvu59b.jpg


     photo 032_zpsh4w40krl.jpg


     photo 033_zps53xoqxzs.jpg

     photo 034_zpshzsmdami.jpg


     photo 035_zpswdrqt4cw.jpg


     photo 036_zpsyqugbybe.jpg


     photo 037_zpsvugxtijz.jpg


     photo 038_zpsdxcb6i2k.jpg


     photo 039_zps8ox53tqv.jpg


    This speedy guy had already finished and was doing a cool-down run

     photo 040_zpsmscgp3xj.jpg



    At this point, about 5 or 6 minutes away from the finish.

     photo 041_zpstlnpky2e.jpg





    Dang, I was hot and sweaty.  First thing, get some water, and then went and sat in my vehicle for about 10 minutes, sipping water and blasting the a/c for my cool-down. Felt pretty darn good after that and back to the start/finish area to get some after photos.


    Happy finishers, supporters, etc.

     photo 042_zpsvwj1sxra.jpg


    With friend who was promoting her upcoming 5K, Winter in July 5K

     photo 043_zpsfybadux0.jpg


     photo 044_zpsjsn6tapm.jpg


     photo 045_zpscemcl5lc.jpg


     photo 046_zpsfaggmun8.jpg


     photo 047_zps0qmp99s8.jpg


     photo 048_zps3no3bajo.jpg

     photo 049_zpszrezpmfl.jpg


     photo 050_zpsk6ti2u8f.jpg


     photo 051_zpst1vr2dzv.jpg


     photo 052_zpsgts9vmsw.jpg


    With the Race Director

     photo 053_zpsf8ovqfmc.jpg


     photo 055_zps4zsw13ti.jpg

     photo 057_zpsbijjvj2j.jpg


     photo 058_zpses7hqgeo.jpg




    This is a very nicely organized event – hope next year the start is about an hour earlier though, lol – at a good location that has lots of facilities and really nice running/walking trails. Local race management company iaap did their usual great job with course layout, timing, results, etc.  DJ playing music for us and post race goodies that included – given the name of the event you can probably guess – barbacoa tacos and Big Red soft drink.  There was also water, various fruits, and so forth. T-shirts were pretty nice quality.  I registered late so did not get one, but that’s okay cuz I ordered a youth medium anyway and usually give it to a kid, so no heartburn at all about the shirt, since it did go to a kid, all good.  Have done this one in the past and will do it again, and would recommend it to others.

    Thanks very much to all the people who made this one happen for we participants, all the volunteers; iaap for the course set-up, timing, and results; all the sponsors and vendors, including, of course, the primary sponsor Big Red; law enforcement folks out there for us; and anyone else I may not have mentioned here.  Thank you all for what you do so we participants can enjoy this event.

    "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt