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    Hey everyone!


    I'm having trouble getting the results to post here today - so please follow the link below to go the the 2012in2012 blog:


    Week 47 Results/Awards




    Bad Ass

      Thanks, Angela.



      "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

      It's always fucking hot in Miami! (except for 3 days of the year)

        Top Mileage Runners:


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          Member Team Miles
        1 MizunoMan 321-RUN! 77.00
        2 nosaint Where's The Food 73.00
        3 Celauran Huffin Puffins 71.60
        4 Hipfan Where's The Food 62.93
        5 BeAWitness Wild Training Freaks 60.99
        6 seeamyrun Running on Empties 60.63
        7 running4fun Road Kill 56.86
        8 Angel 64 321-RUN! 56.56
        9 onemileatatime Huffin Puffins 55.14
        10 Tandan Huffin Puffins 54.02
        11 athensguy Thundercats 51.35
        12 waterskimmer Wild Training Freaks 50.46
        13 12EasyMiles 321-RUN! 50.00
        14 ASUnk00 Thundercats 45.90
        15 Runny_babbit Running on Empties 45.60
        16 timcctyler Eat, Sleep, Run 44.20
        17 PsychRunning Running on Empties 44.00
        17 The Lapsed Pacifist Huffin Puffins 44.00
        19 nickshawn Road Kill 42.70
        20 Albu Eat, Sleep, Run 42.50



          Thanks PeachY!


          Is this forum where the game is going to be transferred to?

            Thanks, Angela and Doug! Appreciate all of the hard work!

              Many thanks, Angela and Doug! You're both rock stars.


              Congrats to athens and Nathan for representing the cats in the top 20! Good luck to those in the finals.



                Thanks Angela and Doug, great job with such a crazy week.