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Just when you thought you were safe from "Manpris".... (Read 589 times)


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    Tom (formerly known as PhotogTom)

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      Bob! would love this...  That would go well with his croc and his man purse. Big grin

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        An open letter to my husband: please continue to drink beer, watch football, and not wax.


        thank you.




        your wife.



        p.s. even if i were a gay man i think i would be in to bears.


        On shin transplant list

          That is so wrong




          Strict WTF adherent

            When is being a goddamn man going to be in style?

            not lazy, just tired

              What not to get my husband for Christmas.

              Not if it makes sense.


              Not a dude

                Never in a million gazillion years would my dude wear those. Hah!


                  Those are not OK to wear.  Ever.

                    I guess I have a gift to return

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                      I fully admit that I wear running tights here in Minnesota winters but meggings are just a big no.

                      "I wanted to push that bitch right into the flame pit and watch her burn alive." - DeathRunnr

                      7 Deadly Shins

                        His shirt is too long!  Blush


                        Running is stupid


                          in fairness, the pants are ass ugly, but there is a lot going wrong with our friend....


                          Little Blue

                            I can't get my husband to wear a pink shirt.  I don't think I need to worry about those.



                              Shocked Those pants (Manpris) are WRONG in so many ways . . . . . . .

                              I AM WEEZER.