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    Just checking in while eating lunch....


    This is going to sound like a stupid newbie question I am sure, but all the same here it goes.  With running outside in the cold, what can you do to help with the cold air hurting your lungs?

    As stupid as this is, I am not sure if it is from my being a former smoker (Feb. 9th will be 1 year) or if it is normal.

    I want to be able to get at least 1 run a week outside (preferrably my longer runs), but with how cold it gets here at times, if there is something I can do to help prevent that burning, then I am all for trying it.

    My husband has one of those under armor hood/mask things that I bought him for hunting and am wondering if that would help me at all.


    Jen- Good thinking on getting that run in just in case.  I know our temps here for a couple of days are going to struggle to hit the teens!  Yikes!  I also saw that you signed up for the Chicao RNR HM in July...I will look forward to seeing what you thought of it as I have the one in Pittsburgh a couple of weeks after you.


    Bin- Enjoy your sleep and good job on your run!


    D- Enjoy your run!


    HeyDoc- I hear ya on not enough hours in the day.  Hope that your internet issues get solved soon.  Nothing gets me madder than paying for a service and not being able to use it.


    Hog- Fingers and toes crossed for a good report!!!!!

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      ­­­­Awood – I guess I missed the “cold” weather up here by a few weeks. It was NEGATIVE 45° two weeks before I got here. When running outside around here, yes I will have to be careful with wildlife, but most of my running outside will be on base.


      Traci  -- There are definitely more men around here than women, but overall everyone seems very nice.


      Jen – You can wear a balaclava. There are different ones, but I would find one that has mouth holes.




      Around here people run outside when it is NEGATIVE 50° and 60°. I don't know if I am that brave, but the runners around here run year round. I think I will stick to my treadmill until I get the lay of the land a little more. I do admit cross country skiing looks fun!


      Will run for beer.

        Rach - I missed where you are exactly but my cousin lives in Kotzebue... he works for the State.  I was going to belly ache about it only being 5 degrees here currently but I'm over that after reading your post.  Smile


        AFM - planning on 4 on the dreadmill later.  The boss bought lunch so I ate rich today... and paying for it.  My 4 may have to become 6 or 8!  LOL



          Rach - I missed where you are exactly but my cousin lives in Kotzebue... he works for the State.  I was going to belly ache about it only being 5 degrees here currently but I'm over that after reading your post.  Smile


          Your cousin is a little further north than we are, but closer to the water than we are, which makes a difference when it comes to weather. We are more in the interior, which makes it a lot colder because the water actually keeps things warm. 


          I love it up here, but then again I really like the cold too!

            Histoplasmosis, treatable with Sporonox. Zeesh, bird fungus!!!!


            Smaller By The Day

              Histoplasmosis, treatable with Sporonox. Zeesh, bird fungus!!!!


              Have you been making out with Big Bird?


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              Bad Ass

                Hi, guys.  Back from Jupiter, FL.  Had a great time at the FE.



                "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                It's always fucking hot in Miami! (except for 3 days of the year)


                Barking Mad To Run

                  Nice holiday weekend for me:

                  Saturday:  Did a 5K, relaxed at home with Gail after that.

                  Sunday:  Gail and I went to a local park. Did 4.2 miles in the beeeyooteeful sunshine and nearly 70 degree weather.  Watched the playoffs later and both teams I was rooting for won.  Now hope Baltimore takes the Super Bowl.

                  Monday:  Slept in a bit, then went to the gym at Randolph Air Force Base.  3.2 miles done then went inside the gym and did my full-body weight training circuit post run.  Now at home, enjoying more sunshine and a 71-degree day, sweet.


                  Welcome back, Rach!  Dang, Rach, negative 28, sheesh! Shocked  That probably is one situation where I'd run on a treadmill too. Maybe you can get a dog-sled team and become a runner with them....Iditarod race in your future? Wink


                  Gee, Awood, you registered for ONLY 3 races? I did 3 in one day.   Joking   Just teasin'  you, of course.  Unlike you and others here, I don't actually RACE my races, so I can get away with doing a lot of events.   And also I don't go long-distance either, like a lot of you do here.  Good luck with your training and the upcoming races.


                  Enjoy the rest day, Gustav.  I'm sure your couch will be fine without you, keep up the good workouts!


                  Sorry about the stomach bug, amanda.  Good on you for getting out there today.


                  Traci,. hope your stretch, roll, and myrtle went well!  Gee,  10-1 ratio, men to women..nah, her hubby, married to a beautiful lady,  isn't worried at all... Wink


                  Wow, very active weekend for you, Jen16226!  Glad you are 'clicking' now.   Me too!  No wait..that's the sound my joints and bones make when I run since I'm click click! Big grin  As to your question about the lungs:  when I was living in Ohio, what I did was get myself a balaclava.  Running Wearhouse sells a pretty nice one:   I liked it because in very cold weather, it covers pretty much all of your face and your mouth and keeps you nice and warm and as you breathe into the part covering your mouth and nose, you get a nice "back-breath" (so don't eat onions or garlic before you run! Wink) that helps keep your  nice and warm too and helps prevent that "cold lungs" thing.  If you get too warm, you just pull the bottom part up over your eyes and it makes a nice "cap" that still will keep your head, neck, ears warm.  The good news is you won't freeze your longs.   Per several online articles, medical studies, some blogs by professional running coaches and elite runners, and so forth, that I've read, and in talking with a couple of my docs at Brooke Army Medical Center, who are also ultra runners,   the consensus is that "medical opinion and several scientific studies have proven the human body retains the ability to warm air on its way to the lungs, ensuring that they won’t freeze. The exception to this rule is that when you die of exposure, your lungs will indeed freeze"  But for your lungs to freeze from exposure, you have to have been dead for a few hours.  So probably not a major concern while you're up and still running.  One of my docs was involved in some of these studies when he was stationed in Greenland and he said extreme exposure is definitely not a good thing.  One of the test subjects, a male runner, actually got frostbite in his, umm...well, a sensitive place most guys don't want to lose any part of.....Shocked.  I can mentally see every guy here crossing their legs tightly after reading this, lol.  I know I did when my doc told me.  Joking  So the thing to do is NOT stay out so long in extreme weather that you do get exposure problems, frostbite, etc.


                  Way to go on the 3 miles, Jen2011.  Same here, Monday is usually an off-day for running for me...but when the weather is sunny and 70, well, just too beautiful not to get out there for a bit.


                  Enjoy the cutback week, Bin!


                  Dave, I'm curious, for YOU, how many miles is an easy recovery run?  8? 10?  Wink


                  Yay, Doc Liz is back!  At least for a bit.  Sorry about the no internet problem, that sucks. Hope that gets resolved quickly!


                  Posted by Mitch: Rach, glad to hear from you and that you are getting settled in. That sounds awful cold, but I'm sure it's not the same type of cold as here.  Yeah, Mitch, not the same cold at all, up there they have statues with warning signs on them about being out in that kind of cold too long.  No, wait, those aren't statues, those are frozen people! Shocked Wink  Sorry about the lack of mojo, Mitch, but look what you've been dealing with the past couple of weeks, both physically and mentally, so don't be so hard on yourself.   Hey, sorry about the bird fungus - what the heck have you been eating? Wink - but count your blessings, the diagnosis could have been a lot worse. Get better soon!


                  Vance, good luck working the rich meal off.  5 degrees is still way too cold for me!


                  Hope your doc appointment went well, Damaris?  So at the FE in Jupiter, could you see Uranus?  Wink  I'm sorry...juvenile...but I couldn't help myself...

                  "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt

                    I had my first run in my new shoes today, and it was GREAT!  I seriously had a grin on my face almost the entire time.  Hoping that means that I can start getting back to normal this week.  I'm thinking that I will go back to "normal" mileage, but no speedwork.  Then if this week goes well, add some faster miles back next week.  Anyway, today I got 8 done on the TM.  I had been hoping to try a trail, but woke up to freezing fog and slippery conditions instead.  And I definitely don't need a fall just when I'm hoping to get back on track!


                    Rach- Good to see you again!  Glad you're settling in.


                    Awood- We don't have any races around the 10th, but I am hoping to find one sometime between then and mid-March.  If I do run a 5K, I can promise you I'll do whatever I can to beat the time you put up!  But I can't promise to do it without the help of technology this time.


                    Gustav- Hope the busy week means that it goes by quickly!


                    Amanda- Glad you're feeling better.


                    D- Glafd your FE went well!


                    Traci- Enjoy the RD!


                    Jen16226- Glad you got a feel for your conversational pace!


                    Jen2011- Hooray for daytime miles!


                    Bin- Nice run!


                    D2- Hope you have a good run later on, and that you have found the solution to your ITBS issues.


                    Liz- Ugh, hope you get your Comcast issues sorted out quickly!  Maybe they will give you a credit if you ask?


                    Mitch- Hooray!  I am so happy for you!  And I can only imagine, if you're as fast as you are *with* a fungal infection in your lungs, how fast are you going to be without it?


                    Vance- Hope the TM miles go by quickly!


                    Scotty- Can you send some of that warmth up this way, please?  We still have freezing fog and an air stagnation advisory.


                      Histoplasmosis, treatable with Sporonox. Zeesh, bird fungus!!!!


                      Given the possible alternatives, histoplasmosis is a good thing. I had to look it up on Wikipedia...


                      Miles to Go

                        4 miles on the track today.  Felt really good for just going around in circles. Enough holiday walkers to make it interesting.


                        Jen, i use a thin Drylete Saucony Balaclava from Running Warehouse.  My wife uses a Saucony neck warmer that goes over her nose and mouth.  They also keep your neck warm.  Obviously, it was too cold for us to use them today. 

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                        From the Internet.

                          Hi colony - yet another crazy busy week for me! DH will be away for work until the weekend so I'll really have to make an effort to drop off/pick up DD on time to get in all my lab work and workouts. I tend to have awful anxiety when he's gone so if I wake up in the middle of the night I've decided I'm going to be productive and (very quietly) clean/organize things I've been putting off - my dresser looks like Sephora threw up all over it and it's impossible to find anything. I usually just lay in bed feeling panicky and wondering if every little sound is someone trying to break in. Not fun.


                          Had PT today, may try to run tomorrow if we don't get a ton of snow, otherwise I'll hit the gym.


                          Glad it's just fungus Mitch!


                            Scotty, the answer is 6, at least for today.  It certainly wasn't at recovery pace tho, but the effort was easy, I guess that's the important part.  But now after what I ate for lunch, I want to go run a double lol


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                              I was just watching a local TV station show on Martin Luther King and it brought up some memories for me.


                              My mom died Dec 22, 2012.  I feel it especially poignantly  today because I grew up in the Washington DC area,  my mom worked for the Washington Post, and she took me to hear and to experience the "I Have A Dream" speech in Washington DC. I was only 9 years old at the time, but she told me when we went that I may not then understand everything that was happening, but when I got older I would appreciate the experience.     And through her connections with the Post, I even got to shake Dr. King's hand - I met him for all of 20-something seconds, but even so....  As I did get older, I certainly did appreciate having had that experience, and understood the significance of that event and felt lucky that I was one of those that got to be there in person.  My mom was a volunteer for Dr. King's cause, doing mailings, helping where she could locally, and so forth, and I often helped her with that.  I was with her when we both got the news of his being shot, another poignant memory for me, it was a very sad moment, and we mourned his loss, his family's loss, and the nation's loss.  Every day I am on this Earth, I am so thankful that I had parents who taught me to look for WHO people are on the inside, not WHAT they are on the outside. This stood me in good stead during my military career when I traveled to so many different countries and experienced so many  varied cultures and peoples and because of my parents' influence always made an effort to learn about these different peoples and cultures in the places where I lived and tried to be respectful of their customs and beliefs.   Consequently, I have many life-long friends who live all over the world.

                              "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt

                              Bad Ass

                                Mitch, I am glad it was only that, and not the option.  Get better, you hear me?



                                "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                                It's always fucking hot in Miami! (except for 3 days of the year)