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So, are we gonna stick with our clan, or move out into the general forums? (Read 399 times)


    everything had grease on it though.


      anyway i hate spain the way a lot of people hate france or russia or the US. I don't like their history, i don't like their food, I don't like their bullfighting or their laziness, and I don't like the fact that you can't name a famous spanish scientist.


      I mean, c'mon, the spanish inquisition lasted till the 1800s. Very backward country.


        I'll keep the chit chat here and I will most definitely use the outside forums for running related questions. I look forward to hearing what others have to say. Like Phil, I will use the forums just like I would over at RWOL.

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          Am I the only one who hates the food in Spain? All greasy seafood. Can't even get a salad without some stinky fish in it. At least when I was in Madrid that's how it was.


          I knew I wouldn't like Spain.  I'm lethally allergic to shellfish.

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          It's always fucking hot in Miami!



             Really? Can I ask you a favor?  Please take pics of yummy food. Thanks!


            <------------------not really in Spain.


              Haha!  I was wondering what you were doing online when you had a new country to go explore!  Just for that, I think you owe us all some Spanish food, except for Mr. Namator, who would like a dry salad.


                I have poked my head in a few usergroups. I like them. I am going to intermingle. 


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                  I only joined RA a couple hours ago, but I am already warming up to the idea of posting almost exclusively in the User Groups that I've already joined (Ultra/Trail groups, BF and Beyond, etc.) and only occasionally sticking my head in the general forums.  This is a good setup.  


                    I have poked my head in a few usergroups. I like them. I am going to intermingle. 



                      I too have poked around as well in other user groups, I've even said hi in one.  I plan to move out from under the sofa there though cautiously.

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