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Report with Photos: SARR Fiesta Fandango Fun Run (Read 44 times)



    Wow, what a talented, creative group of people!  This was probably your best report in terms of pics that I have seen!


    When I saw Manu Ginobili, my first thought was what about the bald spot.  Then I laughed my ass off on the next pic when you showed it!


    Good stuff as always Scott T!

    YAYpril - B-Plus

      LOVED the report and photos. The costumes and floats were magnificent!


        Awesome RR, Scotty!   I always like to sit and just enjoy the picturesque walk through your races!!   This looked like it was especially fun and all the fabulous costumes would have made the run even more interesting!   There are some very creative folks who do this run.   And, those floats looked spectacular!!   Good luck in your next one (which I'm sure is this weekend!)!!!

        But The Smile That I Sent Out Returned With You.

        Bin Running

          So colorful and so  pretty.. Almost like I am there myself.

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            What a great idea to run a race along a parade route for instant crowd support!  There are some absolutely fantastic costumes, too!  Thanks for sharing them!

              Your RRs always make me smile!