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The Bermuda Triangle Challenge, Lily's 10th marathon (RRs and pics) (Read 205 times)


    Still, I just couldn't put up with her humming. So irritating when people do this... Why can't they suffer in silence, like I do? sigh... I had to pass her for that reason alone. I wasn't prepared to slow down my pace just because of her singing...


    I liked this part best.  Funny how we start with a pace strategy only to be forced to adjust for hummers, foot slappers, loud talkers, etc..............


    That sounds like a great race vacation for sure!


    Awesome finish!!!


      Fantastic race report.  You're fast!  No more negative self talk : -)


        What a fantastic trip you had, but please improve your English language skills.... start by looking up the definition of the word 'vacation.'  LOL!  You might have done some sightseeing, but this didn't seem very 'vacation' like!


        Was this a trip without the young man?  That can be fun, too.  Wink


        Wow, you did some remarkable, but unsurprising since it's you, running on those three days.  Congrats on the cash and the great racing.  Also, hugest congratulations to Scott.  He's an awesome companion, a good sport and in really, reallly, reallllllly good shape!


        You two are too cute.  I can't wait to FINALLY read a Boston RR from you.


        Good luck on Patriots' Day!

        Seven Deadly Shins

          Major congrats to you and Scott!  First in AG, wow - after running a mile and 10K at a decent pace!  Perfect vacation! Wink


          Did I get it right that it was Scott's first half (on hills, with no training)?  You two are truly birds of a feather!  And you look great together - bonus for the super cute bikini shot!


          see you in Boston, where you are guaranteed to break 3:30 Big grin

            Congratulations on some great racing!  I love that you include all of the head games that are a part of running, probably for all of us to some degree or another.  Because know when I wonder on race day what I was thinking getting out there and calling myself a runner, I can remind myself that Lily thinks the same thing too, sometimes, and she rocks!


            Hope you run into Lady F at some future races too!


            I also loved the photos.  And congratulations to Scott!  There's no way I could finish anywhere near 2:10 without putting in serious training, and that's not even counting the two previous races.


              Just checking in to see if any shaming was involved.


              Hope not.


                Your reports are always so colorful and full of excitement. Congrats on the AG! Scott also done an amazing job.


                Barking Mad To Run

                  What a great report and some really great photos too.  Congrats, Lily, to you and to Scott!  Wow, you are both amazing runners!

                  "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt

                    Lily, I always love reading your race reports and photo-journals. I particularly like hearing your thought process/strategies throughout the race ... especially the funny ones (i.e. the hummer). Great race and you're one amazing runner!!

                    Train smart ... race smarter.


                    levitation specialist

                      You made money running! You're a professional now and we can't talk to you anymoresWink

                      Lol! Congrats girl! I think when we run Hawaii together someday, you won't be needing that wheelchair! Nice RR!


                      Go figure

                        Wow, you're remarkable!  Your poor head with all that negative talk though lol.  At least body knows better.  It is a shame there's not just a way for half marathoners to disappear off the course, as opposed to exiting where you have to see them and wish it was you.  I think at this point you're earned the right not to have people question your race strategy given the great results you always produce (although I'd at least like to watch you try drinking on the run, because I have a feeling it could be entertaining).  Having that kick at the end to pass Lady F up the hill was awesome...I was really happy for you when I read that part.


                        Great job by your SO too.  Going 2:10 was great for him, or anyone really.


                        As always, thanks for sharing.  Keep up the great work.

                        Trying to find some more hay to restock the barn


                        Beer-and-waffle Powered

                          Félicitations à toi et ton mari ! $100 n’est pas mal, je suppose que vous l’ayez eu dépensé sur un bon repas et du vin ? Tu lui avais dit « 8 :20/mile » et puis tu l’as apporté à 7 :35 Surprised…. je crois que tu ne sois pas une bonne meneur de course, donc, à mon avis, tu lui dois une bière Joking.

                          In the words of my late-coach : Just hang in there, relax... and at the end of a race anyone you see.....just pass them

                            Congrats to you and Scott!  Looks like a lovely place to visit.

                            I may be slow but I never quit.


                              Eats, thanks! Bermuda is indded a great place to see.

                              Adam, LOL... Yes, the money was spent at a pub, on our last day. 2 meals, one dessert, 2 girly drinks and 5 beers=$130.00. Scott had to contribute a little. Big grin Thanks! Your French is awesome, btw!

                              Taylor, thanks! I choke when I try drinking while running. So yes, I suppose it would be entertaining... for others around me. :-)

                              NBT, thank you, girl! Hawaii with you would be awesome, in or out of a wheelchair!

                              Bruce, thank you so much for your compliment!

                              Scotty, thank you, my friend!

                              Mitch, thank you so much!

                              Stevie, see... you're able to tease me too. And I like it. Big grin Thanks! (i think...:-))

                              Zelanie, thank you! We all rock when we win the battle against self-doubt. You will too and I can't wait to read your RR!

                              T.O., thank you!! I can't wait to see you in Boston!

                              Teresa, thank you so much! Scott really appreciated your good words. :-) No young man, no. It would have been too boring for him and yes, once in a while, it feels good to be Scott and Julie, instead of dad and mom. :-)

                              Coastal, thank you so much!

                              tinman11, thanks! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who is sensitive to these little irritants. :-)


                              I'll be back with more a little later... Thanks guys! And Scott thanks you as well!

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                                I am unsure whether I am more jealous of how fast you or of your abs.


                                exactly my thoughts

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