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Indy Santa Hustle HM RR (Read 180 times)

Ms Chenandler Bong

    Hubby and I ran the Santa Hustle yesterday morning.  its the first year it's been in town so I didn't know what to expect.  I'm at the tail end of marathon training and was just using this as a supported mid-length run.  Or so I had planned.

    Race was well organized with good swag.  Everyone got Santa tech shirts, beards and hats.  Unfortunatly, it was 52* at the start.  But probably 99% of the runners were sporting the shirts and most had hats on too.  DH was wearing the whole shabang and I just ran in the shirt, knowing that I'd get warm fast.

    The first few miles through downtown were uneventful.  I started seeing Santa hats tossed aside by mile 1 and lots more along the way.  I was warmed up and starting to feel uncomfortable about mile 3.  I went from "fun time, see what I can do" to "I hate this, I'm stupid for wearing long sleeves, how am I going to run in FL in 4 weeks??".  By mile 6 I decided that comfort outweighed modesty and I took off my shirt, wrapped it around my waist and felt 100% better.  I started passing people like crazy.  Grabbed some candy and cookies at the marked stations (pretty fun) and took a GU as well about mile 8.  My pace started feeling easy so I sped up.

    About mile 10, I realized that I was feeling really good and those around me weren't.  So I picked up the pace some more.  Those last 3 miles were the fastest of the race for me - 8:20, 8:15 and 8:10.  I felt very strong at the end and I know it's only because I took that hot shirt off!! 

    Finishing time was 1:55:47, I was 17/98 in my  AG and 270/938 overall. 

    Thanks for reading!!

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      Wow, awesome job! 52* is hot for you! What temp do you prefer? 


        Awesome time! Congratulations!

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          I like the last 3 miles, really picked it up, congrats.

          Ms Chenandler Bong

            Wow, awesome job! 52* is hot for you! What temp do you prefer? 



            52 is fine for spring or fall.  But I've already gotten used to running in low 30's or upper 20's so this was a bit of a shock.  My favorite is 40*.  Perfect.

            Marathon and ultra marathon runner.  Sour Patch Kid addict.


              Well done...and like the cold!







              Bad Ass

                Great job!  Looking forward to see you in less than a month!



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                It's always fucking hot in Miami! (except for 3 days of the year)


                  Congrats!  That's a great time! 

                  I did the Santa Hustle in the Smokies and it was about 10+ degrees warmer than yours. I'm with you-much prefer cool temps! I wore a tank under the Santa shirt and tied it around about mi 1, but lots of folks were dressed in long pants and the Santa gear. One poor guy even showed me and UA long sleeve shirt under his Santa shirt-said he was dying he was so hot.

                  The atmosphere was fun and the pics were actually pretty good.


                  Barking Mad To Run

                    You're at the tail end of marathon training and you ran a half marathon?  Wow.  Congrats on your race!

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                    Healed Hammy

                      Fun report.  Now you must really be in the christmas mood, lol.


                      Nice finish, good run for the upcomming marathon.


                      Looking forward to meeting you at Disney


                        What a fantastic time in your HM and you finished so strong those last few miles!!!  Congrats on a great race!


                          Danged girl, that's really good!  I know this was just like a training run for you, but wow, congratulations on that time!  Those are some fast miles you pulled off.  The Santa tech shirt sounds so cute even if it was hot.  I don't blame you for pulling it off though.


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                            Congrats on a great race!  Sorry the weather didn't cooperate for the shirt, but you made the best of it.   Good luck in your marathon!!

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