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    Welcome, Sparker! I'm already considering the very real possibility of doing my run on the TM tomorrow morning as we're expecting a cold front with 20-30mph winds gusting up to 40-45mph. Doesn't sound fun at all at 5am. I completely feel your pain. Good plan to shift those miles to today so you don't have to brave the elements tomorrow!!!


    Kristin, I hope the leg gets better soon!!

    Bad Ass

      Welcome, Sparker!


      Sheesh.  Never forget your password when you work here.  I am still trying to resolve it and to promise the powers that be that yes, I am who I say I am.



      "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

      It's always fucking hot in Miami!

        Flippy, thanks, me too!!  And here I thought I was being all hardcore, out running in a snow storm.  : /

        "...You have to have faith, to know that you can do what you want to do."  -Joseph Nzau

          Welcome, Sparker! :wave:

           Thanks for the welcome! And :wave back!

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            I'm back from my soul searing, completely hellish 10 miles (technically 10.06 @ 11:17 / mile).   It's 78* outside with a "feels like" of 80*.   61% humidity with 29 mph gusty winds from the south.   It's the middle of freaking December and apparently I live on the sun.   I got the miles done, and I am happy about that, but holy moly were they a struggle!!  Every. Single. One. Of. Them. 


            I certainly hope that everyone else has a superior run the next time they go out!!


            - Sarah

            But The Smile That I Sent Out Returned With You.


              Had time for 10 miles @ 7:43/mile before music class, great run!  13.2 total for the day, first double I've done in a while.


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              Will run for scenery.

                Ooh! Can I have the beets? Howdy all. My first post here; I got into a mad crunch at work about when the spam slam hit. Haven't had much idle time and I was hoping RWOL would improve so I didn't sign up here. Couple months ago my problem was my knees. Lately it's mainly been my ass: too friggin lazy. Work, no daylight, and the downward spiral of not running making me less able to run when I do get out. But lately I've bucked the trend a bit and now I've got an easy month or so ahead of me. Sorry I've missed all the deets and the drama; it's good to be back and see so many familiar names (even if the faces are gone...) P.S.: how do I separate my paragraphs?

                Stupid feet!

                Stupid elbow!


                  I heard my song again today. I'm feeling it, too. Watch out!

                  Do you even run?

                  Bad Ass

                    Just got back from work.  Another rest day.  Well deserved too.



                    "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                    It's always fucking hot in Miami!


                    Go figure

                      Not a whole lot going on in here tonight!  I got 5 more miles in with the running group tonight, giving me a little over 13 for the day.  I have to say, I am so thrilled and happy with running right now.  I really think a lot of it just has to do with having the opportunity to run with other people every once in a while.  Being and feeling healthy also plays a big part too.  Tomorrow will be 11 miles, but just at recovery pace as I've had 3 really solid days of running.


                      Dtothe2nd...Wow, I think we had virtually identical running days.  Mine was split 8 and 5 with a fartlek, but a very similar double overall.  I don't know about you, but I'm always super excited for my second run when I'm running a double.


                      Pinktastic...Yikes, soul searing sounds pretty tough!  I'm glad you made it back in one piece.  Those kind of runs are good for your character ha.


                      JJ...Not sure I was posting on here when you were, but welcome back.  Posts from ipads and the like don't seem to be able to make paragraphs, as best I can tell.  Good luck with that butt problem of yours ha. 

                      Trying to find some more hay to restock the barn


                        Short run today.  2.66 miles @ 8:30. 


                        I felt crappy today.  It's time for a couple days off.  My legs are getting tired of road running so I'm back on the trails Saturday. 


                        I'm officially registered for a 10 mile trail race on Jan. 26th, so that's my focus at this point.








                          SIAR, I haven't done many doubles, but I'm starting to like them.  I think technically I just did a triple, since I ran last night.  I had three runs with only nine hours between runs, and my third run was the fastest. Smile


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                          Goals | sub-18 5k | sub-3 marathon 2:56:46!!

                            Shari, I'm happy you're feeling better. I hope you feel completely well soon.

                            Rick, I'm sitting here on the T, cracking up over your conversation with the doctor. The other passengers must think that I'm crazy.

                            Ami, great job on running so many miles so early.

                            B-Plus, do you wear your regular running shoes in the snow? That seems brave to me.

                            FlippyNoodle, great run. I hope your hip feels good soon.

                            jneilt, the workouts and breakfast sound heavenly!

                            Nightcrawler, excellent job doing the six before work.

                            So_Im_a_Runner, nice streak! way to go on the double!

                            Kay, I'm happy that your run went well.

                            Purple Toes, great 5.25 with the soreness.

                            Sparker1606, welcome and now work doing the run before the weather deteriorates.

                            Sarah, you stuck it out for 10? Excellent work.

                            Dave, awesome double.

                            Luke, I hope you feel better soon.

                            I ran 3.90 miles in 40:19.57 with the running group. 10:21 pace. As a result, Friday will be an optional rest daySmile Now, ab work and foodSmile Smile Smile

                            RM2B, I'm training for the Jerusalem Marathon on March 1. Pinktastic, I showed the kindergarteners how to do straight-legged push-ups ONCE; now, they compete amongst themselves. It's super cute.

                              Basya (iPad wanted to autocorrect to "bastard" - sorry) - No, I just wear my normal shoes. We don't get much snow around here, and it wasn't sticking when I went out. I do have a pair of crampons which are great for ice or packed snow, but not so much when going between snow/ice and pavement. I'm about to head out for another 6 or so miles, but now there is some semi-frozen slush, so if it's too slippery I'll just turn around.


                                Sparker: Welcome!  That's a great run today!  Well done!!!


                                Jneilt: 7 + an omelet?  It doesn't get any better than that!  WOOT, WOOT!  You crack me up!


                                Nightcrawler: OMG - Christmas in the Caribbean?  How lucky are you?  Color me jealous!  Enjoy your trip.  I can't wait to hear all about it!


                                SIAR: Thanks for the snow advice.  I have to learn to just let go of the pace expectations, you are right.  That had me really frustrated last night.  Your running is off the hook right now and you so should be thrilled!  I'm glad you found the running group and think it's beneficial.  Nice work on the 13 today, too!  Nice #!


                                Luke: I'm glad you got the 2.66 in.  I hope the legs feel recharged tomorrow, once you get off the road and onto the trails.


                                Basya: What is wrong with me????   You've told me that before and I just forgot!  I'm sorry!!!


                                Kristin: I'm glad the leg is feeling better: hopefully, you can get back to it tomorrow!


                                Flippy: I would hit the TM.  Those winds are CRAZY!  You are such a little thing, you'll get blown away!


                                Sarah: "Soul searing" and "hellish:" that sounds awful.  I'm so sorry.  I can't imagine running in that heat right about now, especially when I am freezing my buns off here in WI!


                                D2: Awesome job on that 10 miler and what a crazy fast pace...again!


                                JJS: I'm glad you are back!!!


                                I had an FANTASTIC tempo run tonight!  I did 10.2 total miles with 4 at tempo pace and hit 6:59 pace or those 4 and averaged about 7:52 pace for the whole run.  I am SUPER thrilled with that!!!