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My First 1 Mile Race: I Stunk (Read 155 times)



    I'm kind of interested in trying a mile race myself so it was interesting to read how yours went.

    You are going to love it!


    I remember your frustrations with trying to go sub-6:00 MJ, as well as when you finally rocked it.  Yeah, I'm hooked!


    lily, If we weren't hard on ourselves, we would never improved Miss Double Digit BQ!


    Tin, do it, you won't regret it!


    KPS, (meow)


    Thanks Coastal!

      Stunk? No way.


      As others have mentioned, you'll get it right with practice.  And then to go do a 10K like nothing happened? Beast!


        That was a great 10k.  I think you should be proud of the mile as well, I would have no idea how to approach that other than go balls out (kid speed) and see what happens lol.


        It's cool that you were complimented on your form.  I take pride in mine as well, so I understand the vanity there Smile









          Thanks Bro-hams!


          Jay, what's your mile time, sub-4:30 ish?


          I had a thought during my long run today that with the dearth of 1 mile events around these parts (so far I have found one in May and one in June), I probably will incorporate some true 1 mile time trials into my training.


          If nothing else, I would just like to be able to execute my race strategy properly.  At least then I could live with falling short of my goal (not really, who the hell am I kidding?).  Seriously though, not executing leaves you feeling empty.


          I think having some time trials under my belt will help with at least the experience portion, even if they are not true events.


          Chasing Rainbows

            There's no reason to be disappointed - 6:11 is a great effort.  Keep at it and I'm sure you can break 6:00.

            The obstacle is the path. - Zen proverb


              Great job bro. Ive always wanted to got sub 6. Way to hammer out back to back races. Go Michigan.  Represent the B1G



                Ha-ha, what's up GP.  Watching college B-Ball gives me the fits!


                  Congratulations on your mile race and your 10k race!  You ARE hard on yourself!  It sounds like for your first stab at the mile, you did really well.  It's not like you have a lot of time to adjust your strategy.  Thankfully this is a distance that can be raced frequently as long as you have access to a race.  Can't wait to hear how you'd handle it a 2nd time now that you've done it once.  Super job on that 10k, too-- especially after doing the other race!


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                    KPS, (meow)



                    Rawr for you, sugar. Wink

                    Do you even run?

                      It is incredibly difficult to know how to approach a race your first time at that distance.  I think a lot depends on how much time you spend training to race that specific race.  I did pretty good in my first marathon but I had spent the better part of six months preparing to run a marathon so I had a very good idea about what I could do.  Unless you spent a significant amount of time preparing specifically to run the mile, it would be nigh on impossible to hit it perfectly.

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                      Barking Mad To Run

                        I just cannot imagine running that fast.  That is 'super-power' level for me, lol.


                        Sorry you are disappointed, LRB, but i think you did great!   I'd blame your disappointment on that annoying HR monitor that kept sliding down, that had to be distracting!  Joking

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                          Haha, maybe with a rocket pack.  I have no idea, haven't run one since high school.




                          Jay, what's your mile time, sub-4:30 ish?



                          Fear is a Liar

                            I think you did a good job in both. There are big differences in track and road events and in time you will ace the circle!

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                              Great job LRB! I know you're disappointed but it's still a really nice time and better than average pacing! You'll really kill both distances next time!

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                                Sorry it didn't go as planned, but it sounds like you learned for next time. Your 10K afterwards was awesome, congrats, especially the final mile split.