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Did I really eat all that (Read 127 times)

    Besides the turkey and ham, I just had  have a "few" slices of apple pie today, of course I had to heat it up and add a vanilla ice cream. Just wish I stopped at  a few lol.

    not lazy, just tired

      yeah, yesterday was a banner day for eating. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Now back to the real world.

      Not if it makes sense.

      Bad Ass

        LOL.  I ate but not a lot.  There was not much a vegetarian like me could eat that had no meat, turkey, or turkey gravy in it.



        "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

        It's always fucking hot in Miami!


          I ate at the hotel bar.  But it was happy hour so stuff was "2 for 1".  So I had two.  Which qualifies me to post in the "did I really eat all that" thread.


          Yes.  Yes I did.



            Yes, I did eat all that.  It was good, too.  Big grin


              I pretty much ate my weight in food.  Turkey dinner plus the fixings and 2 large helpings of pie and icecream.  


              But it was worth it!


                I ate two big plates, and four small slices of pie, but I was only on the upper end of my normal daily weight fluctuations. So nice to be in better shape than I used to be.