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Running in warm weather, does it ever get easier? (Read 331 times)


    I find it very difficult to continue running when I get sweaty and hot, it makes me feel claustrophobic and my breathing gets raspy. It's not even that hot right now, 76F.I wait until dusk to run, so I don't have to deal with direct sun. I do have to run from the mosquitoes for the trade-off though.


    I've lived here nearly 6 years and I haven't acclimatised much. 76F where I grew up would be a hot summer day. 80F? Beach!


    Is it ever going to get easier, or is it always going to knock me sick?


    ETA: tonight it was 76. Tomorrow night will be 37! The weather here can have such dramatic swings.


      I don't have near the heat you have where I live, so I'm not sure.  I do know that throughout the summer here, I didn't feel like it ever got any easier.  It was just a matter of surviving the day to day runs and making it to fall.  I DON'T do well running in the heat, though, at all.

        I live in N Alabama and it gets very hot here too. For me, the answer is yes, it does get easier. One thing I did that seems strange(but maybe not under the conditions), I always carried my water bottle, no matter how many or how few miles I planned to run. Other keys are to stay hydrated, eat right, where as little clothing as you feel comfortable in, and most of all, expect your paces to be slower. This may be easier for me to say all this, but it's all kind of the norm for me. I work in a steel mill where it's extremely hot, like 110-140 degrees all the time, so we are very conscious and aware of heat exhaustion and related issues. The body will get acclimatized to the heat, but it may take longer for some people.


          I've pretty much accepted that I won't be running outdoors in the summer. There doesn't seem to be much of a season other than summer here though. I was hoping I would get used to the mid 70's though. That *might" leave me able to run at night or very early in the summer.


          My tolerance is horribly low as it is! My partner spent most of his life in Florida, and he practically shivers if the temperature goes below 70, lol. I wish we could move North until the weather was more English.

            Another thing that might help is to start out with very short runs. Maybe once or twice a week try outside for 2 miles or so. I look at it like building the LR. Do the outside runs a little at a time. Are you in Florida now?

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              So, during your past 6 summers here (sounds like where I live in TX), do you run outside on a normal basis during the summer, or just stick with the treadmill?


              This summer was my 1st summer up and running, and I forced myself outside each morning, usually mid to upper 70s with high dewpoints), it got easier as the summer progressed. I also noticed that my first few runs in really cold weather were difficult.


              My thought, if you mentally don't like it, and just try it every so often and then go back to the treadmill, you will continue to not like it. Just like someone who only runs hills every so often. If the normal is hot + hilly, then you will adapt. Or quit to the treadmill.

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                Since my treadmill broke, I've transitioned to outdoor running. I had completed C25K on the treadmill. My longest none-race run is currently 2.6 miles.


                I live in south Louisiana. Honestly, during the summer, I don't go out much. I started running in July, on the treadmill. Some days it would get too hot for me to run even in the house, hah.


                There is a doctor who lives in the house behind us, and he goes out to run when it's 102 and horrendous. I don't know how he does it.


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                  I'll go on a runner-exchange program with someone from down south:


                  The past 2 days, it hasn't warmed up more than 10F and with the windchill it was like -15F yesterday! Shocked

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                    The peasant stock on both sides of my family makes it easy for me to run in hot weather... and cold, too.


                      I'm sure if it was snowing I would be thoroughly complaining too! Always want what you don't have, and God knows I love to whinge. I used to pray for hot summer days when I lived in the UK. Now I really miss the snow.


                        I'll go on a runner-exchange program with someone from down south:


                        The past 2 days, it hasn't warmed up more than 10F and with the windchill it was like -15F yesterday! Shocked


                        I'd like to sign up! I'll run somewhere warm and someone else can take the cold. Actually though, Atlanta's in a heat wave and it has been nice!

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                          I get hot and humid weather 9 months out of the year and to me, it never feels easier.  I just learn to cope with it.



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                          It's always fucking hot in Miami!

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                            As a new runner that started on July 1 in Arizona (not my smartest move) I find I like the warmer weather.  I am out at 5:30am when it is a low of 82 degrees and work up a good sweat.  I am only doing 3 to 4 miles though so my basis of comparison differs a lot from most of the folks here.


                             I thought it would be great running  the rest of the year here in AZ, but when the weather changed and the temperature/ humidity dropped I found it hard to breath.  I have an appointment in January to have my breathing checked, some folks suggested I might have exercise induced asthma.


                             The warmer air and higher humidity definitely slows me down (not very fast to begin with though) but I enjoy running AND breathing.  LOL




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                              82 sounds awful! I never feel like I'm just working up a sweat, I feel like I'm suffocating. My t-shirt starts sticking to my back, overheating, it really stresses me out.


                              Zeke, I had childhood asthma (I seemed to grow out of it, I do have a slightly weak chest though) and I remember it would be worse on cold nights. Breathing warm air under my duvet cover would loosen my chest. I really hope you get some answers from your appointment in January.


                                Try switching to dry fit tank tops instead of t shirts. I can't stand wearing t-shirts in the summer for anything over 65. Tank tops make the heat more bearable, at least for me.