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Rotating shoes: how many pairs? (Read 449 times)


    Surprised I thought everyone knew this (j/k).


    I currently have 4 (and sometimes 5) pairs in my rotation - AND - I never run in the same pair 2 days in a row.


    I've been able to get 550 miles on a few pairs because of this.



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      ....I'm supposed to have MULTIPLE pairs of running shoes?! And rotate them?! *sigh* so much to learn. 


      When I started running 5 months ago, I was using my old pair of gym sneakers, since I would be wearing them outside and they would "just get dirty" and I had recently bought a new pair of gym sneakers. The pair I used for running was probably 5 years old, and at the time they were new they were whatever sneakers were on sale at TJ Maxx that fit the best and were the cutest. No joke. Now I have a pair of "real" running shoes....didn't think I would have to consider getting a second, or third, or fourth, or (geez!) fifth, until these wear out!!!


      5 months ago I also didn't even know what "tech" material was or why it was important, or why I needed to have special sneakers specifically for running. I wore cotton head to toe, sports bra, underwear, shorts, shirt....all 100% cotton. So. Much. To. Learn.

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        I run for 300 miles in each pair and seldom rotate. 1 exception may come Tuesday. I will run 10 Monday morning in showers. If the shoes are too wet for Tuesday I will run in a pair that has 290 which will be my backup pair for 2 or 3 runs tops.

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          Two pair, replace one every six months (so each pair is in rotation for a year). The most recently retired pair is called into service for particularly wet or messy conditions.


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            For the first 6 or 7 years that I was running half marathons I had no more than 2 pairs of shoes

            at a time. Mostly just one. For the last 4 or 5 years I have usually had 3 or more pairs at a time.


            Personally I have not found any difference in how long they last having more in rotation.  They

            always lasted around 3-4 months and still have about the same lifespan.    It is nice to have extra

            pairs for travelling,  or when a pair gets wet but they don't seem to last any longer.

              I'm rotating through 2-3 pairs of shoes for training, with another dedicated to races. I've resolved to buy up on shoes I like whenever they go into clearance mode for next year's model.

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                Two pairs at the moment, but I'm not rotating them much.  Bought a pair of Cortanas and Kinvaras at the same time, currently have 322 miles on the Cortanas and 31 miles on the Kinvaras. lol  I like the Kinvaras, but have only done a few training runs and a couple of races in them.  I need to use 'em more. 


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                  3 pairs being rotated...mainly brooks launch and pure flow and a pair of kswiss (?). no scientific method for replacment. just sorta replace when they seem to be worn down. probably not very smart. anyway i do try to load up when they are discontinued or discounted.

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                    I have 4 right now.  But, I won one of the pairs.  I generally have 2 or 3.  I like to rotate them not only to extend their life, but also to give them some time to air out & let the sweat fully evaporate before I put them back on my feet again.

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                      One pair of VFF's.  I replace them when I wear holes in the bottom.

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                        Heidi you're not the only one. When I ran 2004-2009 I only had one pair of shoes for training and my spikes for track and xc races. I had no idea people rotated that many shoes til I joined the boards! Over the summer I only had two. My brooks glycerins for the majority of my runs and my brooks pure connects for tempo/speed work/races. I just bought a new pair of glycerins so I'm rotating the 3. When my old pair of glycerins craps out I might try the Kinvaras


                          Currently 3 road shoes when I travel I take 2.

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                            Very interesting!  I need to order new shoes STAT!


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                              Right now i have four pairs in rotation. I have two pairs of cumulus, one with 350 miles, the other has 200. The kayanos have over 300 also. The newest pair are gel lyte 33's and have 30 miles on them.


                              I'll be adding a fifth pair too, trail shoes.


                              I'll go out and run 10-15 some days and then run a few hours later with my wife, so that will be two pairs and then the next day i'll run 10-15 again. Sometimes i'll use 4 pairs in a weekend.

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                                When I first started running I had one pair of shoes I'd run in and that was it. I probably have 6 pairs in rotation currently all at different mileage. Shoes definitely last longer. I have a pair of Nimbus 13s i still do recovery runs in as they barely have 350m on them yet and have had them close to year now. Just retired a pair of Wave Rider 15s that had 530m and had them since end of March.

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