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    I fueled with chinese food.. Pretty ok... Wait.. I am Chinese.. maybe that's why.. haaa


    Do you guys take rice with Chinese food at your place? Or chinese food is usually spicy chicken noodle? Just curious..


    I do rice, sometimes vegetable, sometimes white, whole grain if we're doing stir fry at home. Smile


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      Bin- the south texas version of Chinese food I am sure isn't very good quality. The place I like has fried rice and white rice. I eat lots of veggies there. My wife eats lots of shrimp. My son eats chicken nuggets and pizza.

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        I am still in Virginia. I haven't left yet. I won't be leaving for Alaska until after the New Year.


        My dad is doing as well as one can in his condition. As always, he has his good days and his bad ones. He is a fighter and still hanging on. Wondering if he will be around for the holidays, but either way I will be happy--happy to spend one last one with him and/or happy that he is no longer in pain. It's a catch 22.


        Very sorry to hear it.  Are you looking forward to your Alaska move?  I cannot wait to see pictures!



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        It's always fucking hot in Miami!

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          Read somewhere that white rice, being a high GI, is actually an ideal recovery food..


          A regular chinese meal at where I am is usually white rice, vegetable (stired fried with garlic), steamed fish, soup(the watery kind) and pork rib (with sweet sour sauce). I noticed "kong pao" chicken seem to be popular in US.. At least that's what I always see Sheldon (from Big Bang Theory) eating most of the time.


          Tomas, Chicken nugget and Pizza aint Chinese.. haaa


          Would loved to have a chance to try some US chinese food to compare..

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