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LED Arm Warmer Sale (Read 142 times)


    Just a reminder that today starts the 72 hour sale over at  Their stuff is all half price.  The arm warmers have LED lights in them, and are super bright.  You can check out pics on their Facebook page.  They are super expensive full price, but not too bad at half off.  I just ordered a pair of arm warmers.  Check it out.


    Do you even run?


    Fitness Jogger

      Cute!  I've never worn arm warmers and even when it's cold pull up the sleeves of my shirt of jacket.  I'm tempted though-I like the lights!  Thanks for the heads up!


      Drink up moho's!!

        Just get some TRON gear.


        Vegan Ang

        Formerly sdnyc99

          Just get some TRON gear.



          My kid's going to flip when I show her that website.  And then immediately begin working on her Comic Con costume for this summer.






          levitation specialist

            One of the girls I run with on Tuesdays just got a jacket with lights like that on her shoulders. Tron was my first thought too! Very cool but the cheap ass in me just uses clip on bike lights to run with(I clip them on my headlamp cording) or on my Ampihopd singlet vest thing.