Bayshore Marathon


Who's staying Saturday Night? (Read 485 times)

    I say we just raid a place and take it ovah!!!!!! WHO'S WITH ME?!?!?!?!?!?!? Evil grin
    Checklist: Running clothes Shoes Garmin Taser Pepper Spray Baton Bond Money Friday night is family night. My mother-in-law is coming along and volunteered to stay with the kids Saturday night. My wife and I will be up for whatever. I like Q's idea, picking a pub for drinks and possibly dinner.


      I would absolutely love to join you all. Unfortunately, I have to hustle back to the"d" for a surprise party---errrr. I'm so bummed. We are driving up Friday for the race and heading home Saturday--not what I originally had in mind. I'll be there in spirit though.

      Another Passion

        I say we just raid a place and take it ovah!!!!!! WHO'S WITH ME?!?!?!?!?!?!? Evil grin
        Works for me. Jeremy's got a point though. We'll have to have dinner with our dd and her friend and then perhaps meet up at a pub/brew house/tavern to have a cocktail with y'all. I'll see what dd would like to do that evening. Joe, you will be missed. Sad

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          I would assume so. It seems to be a fairly nice place with moderate to high priced fare. Here's their website: Someone else had mentioned the Mackinaw Brewing Company as well. Their website is here:
          My cube neighbor at work is from TC, and his brother finally got back to me. He suggested Mackinaw Brewing Co as a good place for drinks.

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            Nice to meet you all for the little bit before the race.  I wanted to hit the Brewing Company afterwards so I could get to know you more, but my oldest was excited to do some of the local touristy things, so had to be a dad first.  Maybe next race I'll get a chance to socialize more. 

            Great job everyone!

            Anyone doing the Lansing 1/2 or Detroit full?

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