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Needs more cowbell!

    If anyone wants to see their latest/greatest bike on the home page I'd be happy to post it there. Smile

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    • Keep doing stuff.

    fear the Col Sanders

      It looks hawt (as the cool kids would say).   Nice work.


      I can't wait to get myself a new fat tired bike.  My 20 year old Stumpjumper is starting to show its age!  I would really love it for some trail riding before the snow sets in.  Stay away snow!

      Just because I look dumb doesn't mean I'm not...

         Stay away Bring on the SNOW!


        Needs more cowbell!

          Slo...I want one SOFA KING bad!


          I will update the page when I have better use of my right arm.

          '17 Goals:

          • Keep doing stuff.

            Couple of "new" bikes for me. 


            Been racing this new to me CX bike this season.  She's fun.



            And this is brand new.  My first electric shift.  Amazingly smooth.



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