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fear the Col Sanders

    Long time lurker, first time poster.


    So I finally up and bought a bike.  Woo.  My brother rides an Orbea Orca so I up and bought one as well this fine day.  I'm curious what you guys use to track mileage on your components.


    Are there websites that make this easy?  Is it possible to finagle the equipment tracking here to do that?




    Just because I look dumb doesn't mean I'm not...

      Hey Joel


      Nice purchase. Not exactly an entry level bike so I take it you're pretty serious about riding. Are you planning on racing?


      I've been riding and racing all types of bikes for over 25 years. I've never tracked mileage specifically on components. Never even gave it a thought.


      I don't keep very good track of my biking miles / training anyway. Largely because I don't have bike computers on all my bikes. I've trashed a few derailleurs, can't say it's been mileage related...more misuse and abuse.


      I'd guess that you could finagle the equipment logs here to track mileage on individual components but you might be doing some double entry.

        Hi. I'd say a new Orca would be incentive to want to ride a lot of miles.


        No idea about component tracking but I do see the potential use for tracking wheel sets since some riders interchange them depending on ride/race.


        I've been using my running garmin to track biking mileage. You could have 100 bikes and easily works with all of them and I really like it for mountain biking, especially when I get lost. Lots of good data feedback afterwards too. I finally got the speed & cadence sensor for the road bike and took it for a ride yesterday. Realtime speed feedback was like a regular computer and I got my first cadence feedback in my life.

        fear the Col Sanders

          I hope to do a lot of racing.  I used to do a fair bit of mountain biking before I discovered the running thing.  In fact, I debated long and hard about buying a new mountain bike (to replace my Stumpjumper I rode 20 years ago).   My brother rides an Orbea as well so I've always fancied their frames.  Slo_Hand, I really hope to make it out to do RAGBRAI one of these years.


          I finally checked out what all the fuss was about with this strava thing (I'm generally late to cool, new things).  It looks like I can track components on that.  I used to be a CPA and now I'm an information systems guy.  You could say I'm a little OCD about data.


          Speaking of which, xhristopher,  the guy at my LBS was not big on the cadence monitors.  I always thought I would like that.  He was going on about how your body will naturally find its own rhythm.  For now, I've just got my regular old Garmin 305 that I run with. 

          Just because I look dumb doesn't mean I'm not...