Charlotte, NC area runners


Week of 08-15 OCT 2012 (Read 122 times)

    Lower temps!  Feeling great!

    amlinz 83.3 mi
    Strick 61.8 mi
    CliveF 53.8 mi
    CarolinaBlue 51.7 mi
    SForrester 42.2 mi
    Pete.Hu 35.4 mi
    atomno2 20.1 mi
    Lpadg 19.6 mi
    Happyfeet 17.6 mi
    asdg123 16.9 mi
    fraggle 12.6 mi
    theyapper66 10.6 mi
    jdbrown 9.5 mi
    alholley 6.2 mi


    And it shows!

    Last week:            
    alholley 06OCT2012 Komen Race For The Cure 5k Charlotte NC na 24:50
    This week:            
    CliveF 13OCT2012 Lungstrong 15k Cornelius NC sub-63 1:02:47, 39OA, 3AG

    "I want you to pray as if everything depends on it, but I want you to prepare yourself as if everything depends on you."

    -- Dick LeBeau

      You missed Adrian's run at Komen on Saturday. Were you having an Internet outage?


        Rob, it was probably my long absent from running. Smile


          longest absence running or racing? How was your sense of pace and did it hurt?


          Had to give a "gentle" reminder to Clive about your race result as he is at that age now and this was very clear evidence of a "senior moment". His family will soon see this. He is also not that far away from qualifying to live in an Adult Active Community (non-diapered -- although I hope his family does not experience the diapered stage).


          Is anyone planning on racing the Big South 5k? If it is the same race course this race is a "PR in the box" (Lynwood did you run this last year...I think you did...I think they even offered prize money starting last year which attracted several big guns)?


            Rob, I'm planning on going to Ocean Isle Beach and will be running a flat 10k. The map online looks like the same course but thought Will said it was being changed. I don't see any changes. If it's the same, it's definitely a potential PR course. I thought it was short but the website says certified. It was a fun race. MTA: Yes, I did run it last year, and other than the Santa Scramble, it was my PR.

              Hit my time goal with a good progressive effort.  (In other words, I started out too slow and had to keep pressing to get back on track!)  Lungstrong usually draws a fast crowd as a nice tuneup race before fall marathons, and this year was no exception: 27 people under 60min, including 7 masters.

              "I want you to pray as if everything depends on it, but I want you to prepare yourself as if everything depends on you."

              -- Dick LeBeau

                Congrats on your race Clive.  That's a great time.  I would like to run that next year. 


                Nice to officially meet you Ashely!  We ran Thursday on a night time trail run at WWC with the Carolina Trail Run and Mtn Biker group. Two of about 17 brave souls running it.  That was a blast. Bring enough light and it's not a lot different from day light hours. I can bust my xxx just as easily day or night. 


                I'm fighting my calf/achilles so I didn't run a long run this weekend.  At least it happens less frequently now, and I know how to treat it.  Despite that, I'm planning on going to Ocean Isle Beach to visit my father, and run the NC Oyster Festival Road Race on Sunday.  I see they are giving away $1700, so I expect it to pull in some fast runners.  I'll run the 10k, and my daughter will run the 5k. 

                under a rock

                  Lynwood, it was nice to finally meet in person. After three years of avid trail running, Thursday night was my first ever night time trail run. I definitely need a better headlamp. My lamp is fine for my neighborhood but on the trail it was pretty weak. The weigh station trail was brutal in the dark. I was leading the way with my small pack and was wishing there  was someone else in front of me to give me a hint of what was coming up. I'll definitely do some more night runs but I need to get a better lamp asap!