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Mr Inertia

Suspect Zero

    Good morning all!


      Good morning, Mr I!

      No run for me this morning -- I'm ok, but decided to rest up a few of my parts.

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      Hail to The Victors!

        Good Afternoon! 


        10 easy today, still recovering from Saturday. 


        How is everyone?


          Legs are feeling good running again. Time to start picking up the miles, but am going to try to keep up the P90X. Little issue exercising with DH, he's a grunter and a groaner. But dam is he shaping up fast. I'm going to have to do secret workouts just to keep up with him.


            Grunting and groaning... heh. There's a couple guys like that at our gym. DH makes some extra loud noises around them sometimes, but I don't think they get it. Good job on the workouts, Bugs. I take it you're feeling better?


            Hey! Thanks for starting us out, Mr. I! What's your next race? How ya doing? You're so quiet these days...


            Hope Dave got all moved in this weekend. Sounds like he found a good spot for running with trails! Lucky guy. (any chance of a summary this week? Love it when you do that...)


            Missing Ms. Jellyfish and hoping she's doing well.


            I think I'll go pool running after work. With this blister I sure don't need to be running now, and Monday's are "supposed" to be cross training anyway. Besides, it's sooo smoky out there and will probably be this way most of the week. Haven't heard of any air quality warnings from particulate levels, but still good to head indoors when it gets heavy.

            Mr Inertia

            Suspect Zero

              Running is going well. About 11 more weeks till the Akron half. If I can break 1:40 in Akron, I'm going to make a bid for a Boston qualifier at Bayshore in the spring.


              Non running life is pretty rough right now. Manageable, but not by a huge marigin. Keeps some good thoughts and vibes for me if you can.

                {{Mr. Inertia}} Hang in there, friend.

                On the road again...

                  Hope things get brighter soon, Mr. I.  Hate to hear you're having a rough go right now.

                  Second week of marathon training started this morning.  Nothing like a nice 3 miles of recovery, although I am kind of starting to not like the 3 mile distance since it takes my body a good 2 miles to hit my groove and then the run's almost over.  Oh well.  Couple more weeks and I won't be doing that distance anymore.

                  I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.


                    Also, sorry to hear you're having a hard time, Mr. I.  Hang in there.

                    Erika- you do a great job on the pool running.  I think of you every time I recommend that to someone, especially since i've never tried it myself.

                    Well, i've finally picked a fall marathon-  I will be running Marine Corps again.  Even though it is filled, an open spot on a team for my running store was offered to me, and I couldn't resist.  I am bummed to not run Steamtown with Pam, but this will work better for my family-  $$ and other reasons.

                    So, I better get serious about training!!  Smile  Wouldn't want to embarass myself on a team with 6 other fast guys.  I am the sole woman on the team, so they get mixed category status.   Hopefully, they don't mind having a slow poke.   I know, I know, speed is relative.

                    Bugs, glad you are back!!!!  Smile



                      Keep up the good running, just remember the non-running life is so much more important than all the running stuff. It's what makes the world go around so we can run.



                      Hope your blister is better. I thought I read to use a needle to drain it, bandage, and then put duck-tape over it.



                      What kind of team are you on? A relay?


                      The foam roller is my friend right now. Sometimes I still get a little tightness behind the knee but lots of foam rolling is helping. It doesn't hurt when I roll on it, but it must help keep the adhesions from building back up. Still got a few graston visits scheduled but I'm able to run without hating it.


                      Three miles today, and up at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow to run with a friend. Will shoot for 8 miles.


                        Keeping good thoughts and sending lots of positive vibes to you Mr. I!!!!!!!!!! Glad to hear your running is going well!

                        Nice race Jeremey!! 

                        Glad to hear your legs are feeling good again Bugs!! Enjoy the running!

                        I am soooooooo bummed you won't be running Steamtown Kimmie however I totally understand! 

                        Enjoy your pool run Erika!! Hope the blister heals asap!!

                        Got in a nice 8 miler this morning and will be going out for another run probably around 7:30 or so. Can't believe how good I'm feeling lately running wise. Last week felt way too good to have been an 70+ mile week

                        Hope everyone has a great week!

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                          There is an outside shot at a summary this week.  After the kids are in bed.


                          Still settling into the new house.  Lots of rooms to paint (they look fine to me but you know how that goes).  Still haven't received the rest of our stuff from the movers .  Expecting in the next couple of days.


                          Took off on Sunday.  Just couldn't get out the door but spent good time with the kids.  Finally got the hot tub working .


                          4 miles for me today.  Decent route with some light hills.  Mostly on paths.  I now have a good 3, 4, and 6 mile route.  Still exploring which is fun.

                          I ran a mile and I liked it, liked it, liked it.




                            What kind of team are you on? A relay?


                             It's not a relay...  It's just running the marathon and being scored as a team.  They take the finishing times and average them. It's a separate category from individuals, but you're still running your own race and the whole 26.2 miles.  I'm looking at it as an open spot and a kick in the butt to get going on training.

                            And I'm bummed too, Pam.   Our money is really tight right now, so everything has been cut back.  But I do hope to run it possibly next year.... great job on your running.

                            Keep up the rolling, Bugs, you know it's good.

                            Dave, will you post pictures of the new house?  Hang in there with the stress and all the changes.

                              Hope things improve, Mr. I.

                              Kimmie - we were thinking Corning, NY (10/4) then Newport, RI (10/18), but Harriet has something going on and may not be able to do the first.  So now we're thinking about the Freedom Run you had mentioned (10/3) (then Newport).  It's definitely easier than driving to NY.  But we're keeping our options open now.

                              Duck tape?

                              Movers <grr>

                              9.2 miles, 1:20:05, 8:45/mi, AHR 148 (76% MHR)

                              Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |


                                5 miles at 5:00 a.m, avg pace 9:22 this morning. Can still feel some adhesions in my quads but graston tomorrow and lots of foam rolling planned.


                                Kim, that team thing sounds fun.


                                Dave, you having a hot-tub might secure the next location for a team blister race. Smile I really wish I had run Nationals, my frequent flyer miles are not worth as much these days, and I really should have broken down and come headed to D.C. that weekend. For now on I live recklessly.



                                The duck tape was in Dean Karnazes book. Said it worked like a miracle.


                                Had a bit of a blow-up with DH and his persistant to tell me how to do the P90x exercises. Some of it I appreciate, but some of it is just difference of opinion. (I was trying to do pull-ups and he thought I should stick just to the bands.) I think it is time to take hubby out for a run and show em how it's done. Smile