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    I bought the vibrams but have not got had the guts to wear them. Saw a girl run in them yesterday, huge calves.


    Yesterday biked the route of my June TRI, and yes it has some big hills, and we did the biggest three times. Heartrate was through the roof. (That has to be a good workout for running, just has to be.) My goal is to be in the top half of woman. So many friends will be competing/watching, have to do respectable.  Not sure why kind of running training I should do. I think I'm overdue for some speed work. I still really like long and slow.


    I ran just 30 minutes on trail tonight. I should go to the trail more often.  Hard to give up the miles and pace and just go for a good workout.  Erika & Pam how do you balance road running and trail running in your schedule?


    On the road again...

      So the last 2 days have been cold mornings - low 40s - perfect running weather for me and I haven't been able to get out of bed early enough to run in it.  Late nights and totally redoing our front yard have killed my early running routine for the week.  Hate seeing these temps and not getting out to take advantage of them, but it is what it is.

      I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.

        Triathlons sound like great cross-training.  Maybe someday...


        4 easy for me this morning.  I'm looking forward to next week, as I'll start running a bit faster again.  I might hit the trails for Sunday's run (running club plan is short 5 miler).  I'm interested in Bugs' question to Erika and Pam as well.


        Paul - I hate it when life gets in the way of running.  It's sure easier for us as empty nesters.

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          I'm envious of teachers and doctors. I know very very few triathletes or marathon runners that work 40 hrs a week year round. Most are either teachers (summers off), doctors or nurses that work 4 days per week. Everyone one of them bikes at 2/3pm.


          I got three "Thank you For Registering emails yesterday.." Triathlon, Ragnar, and (hilly) Mankato Marathon which is late October. Yikes. build strong legs biking hills and running trails this spring to handle the hill running in the fall.


          Read some great advice the other day... Remind yourself what is the person that finished behind you doing today. Get off the couch when watching TV and foam roll, do some stretching on day off, opt for a healther lunch.


          Lou, if you dump enough money on a bike you will feel obligated to try the the TRI. Smile


            haha I don't know about that.  Think about how many people have $3000 treadmills collecting dust, and all of those Christmas present gym memberships!


            Sounds like you need to measure your calves before and after.  That's what I hate about marathons, my calves get larger with all the added training. 

              "measure your calves" - heh.  Like I need more statistics to keep track of   Wink


              Bugs - you're right that I would feel obligated.  But right now I have no regular place to ride or swim, without taking substantially more time out of my already sleep deprived day.  Maybe some time after I retire.  Smile

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                For whatever reason, by contrast, almost all of the triathletes I know are regular workers. A few are uniformed (military) -- hard to say where that falls in the scale.

                It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

                  Jeremy, it's really been 51 weeks since you ran a race? Wow... didn't realize it'd been that long.


                  Balancing trails and road? Well, I just do both. I work on the university campus, and there's an extensive trail system here (ski trails in the winter, running/biking in summer), and the trails used for the Equinox are here and nearby also. As soon as the trails are clear and (mostly) dry, I'll be out on them again. I run on bikepaths when I run from home, and sometimes on those to get to the trails. The trails are mostly pretty "technical" from what I understand that word means, but not extremely so. Lots of roots, ruts and hills, not too much for rocks usually. One of the main things I love about trails is it's the best way to get away from road noise. Our stoopid DOT puts all the bikepaths right next to the road so there's really no getting away from the traffic. The trails are so much more peaceful and quiet, I really love that.


                  From what I've read about VFF and how they fit, I don't think I could wear them. My right foot is "different" and there's a lot of shoes I just can't wear. It's always fun to see a runner wearing them though. They make a funny  noise almost like suction cups or something. Smile


                  11.3 hilly miles run too fast on Wednesday, 6.2 supposedly easy miles last night. I say "supposedly" because I wanted to run nice and easy, didn't push the pace and tried to focus on being relaxed and easy effort. Still ended up with about 8:15 avg pace. Oh well. Today's run at lunch will be short, just about 3, and as easy as I can make it considering I've got a big hill to climb to get back to my office. But maybe I'll arrange it so I'll just walk that part. The tomorrow we've got a 5k race, then enough additional to make 10 for the day. 20 miler scheduled for Mother's Day Sunday. After the miserable first attempt 2 weeks ago, I'm a little apprehensive on how this'll work out but I'm going to do it anyway!

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                    I'm going to try a long trail run tomorrow morning with some local runners I've not met before. Should be fun regardless of how it goes.

                    It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

                      Finished my half in 1:42:19, not my best effort, but I really wasn't trying to PR or anything.  In fact I'm a little sore (knee, adductor), so probably best I didn't push it harder.  Harriet ran 1:59:55, which was good enough for 3rd/65 in her AG (I was 20/173).  My RP beat me by a minute today, which made her day.  My excuse of having run a 5K last Saturday didn't hold water with her, as she ran Gettysburg marathon last Saturday, and Boston as well.

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                        Couple of  my buddies went up (to Lou's hometown race) and nearly didn't make it due to traffic.


                        I survived my long trail run, but am wiped out, and haven't been able to nap successfully -- am going to try drinking & eating more.

                        It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.



                          You are so funny. My RP is always trying to beat me. I love it when friends compete in good fun. Nice work on the half.



                          You crazy machine. That trail running is crazy hard, which why I drove to the paved flat trail....I'm a wimp.


                          TRI was okay. I meant so many new girls at this event. We were in heat 4 which meant we stood around and giggled for an hour. Don't know why they don't have boys and girls swim together. We had two to a lane and started at the deep end of the pool.  I love starting these TRIs. With road races I'm in the middle, all protected, but with the pool swims no one is in front of me. I know the open water TRIs will be a different game.


                          I let the girl in my lane start first, and I still beat her out of the water. Was kind of surprised because she said she was a swimmer in high school. We had to pull ourselves out of the deep end of the pool when we were done with the 10 laps.  I should have drove the bike course before. The bike was okay, nobody passed me this entire race but the run was ugly. I had a terrible tight right leg with a tight shin. I'm in great aerobic shape right now but not conditioned for the bike.  I'm afraid to look up the 5K time... pathetic. But I finished, 1:31:++


                          TRI yesterday, followed by 20 miles on the bike and 11 miles today at 9:30 pace. Fargo Half is in two weeks. We'll see how this XTing effects that race compared against the other Fargo halfs I've done. 


                            Well done, Bugs!  How were your transitions this time?


                            I also ran a little on the trail today -- 4.9 miles with the trail runners in the running club.  I was glad it was only 5 miles today, and they avoided most of the big hills, because my legs are still tired from yesterday's race.


                            I was talking with four of the FATRUMPS* after the run, and these folks run 100 miles at a time -- they did cat-100 last weekend ( 18 starters, 8 finishers) .  One of the people I was talking with was the RD.  Heh, the RD said he couldn't run during the race itself, so he set up aid stations for himself two weeks in advance and ran the course then.


                            Sheesh, I can't imagine.


                            *FATRUMPS - Frederick Area Trail Running Ultra Marathon Plodding Simpletons

                            Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |

                              Congrats on another TRI finish Bugs!


                              Had a great week of running finishing it off with a total of 60.3 miles. Got in 2 speed workouts this week. Since I eased off on the Half Marathon last Sunday I really didn't have much to recover from. Such a shame but that is life.


                              Hope all women members had a GREAT mothers day!! I know I did.

                              Your toughness is made up of equal parts persistence and experience. You don't so much outrun your opponents as outlast and outsmart them, and the toughest opponent of all is the one inside your head." - Joe Henderson


                                FATRUMPS - I love it. I think they all have skinny rumps though Smile


                                Lou, transistions 3:00 and 1:29.  I need a TRI suit. I swam in swimsuit, dried off, put regular shorts on that I used for bike and run. Clipped in easier this time but hard to do under pressure..all part of the fun and I laugh at myself just thinking about it.


                                Pam, 60 miles yikes.