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On the road again...

    Ho! Ho! Ho!


    Awesome to have so many new faces (um, voices) here in our group.  I think some of us have wondered what took place over at Runner's World.  Another group I'm a part of here at RA posted this link to a blog post describing some of the fallout.  I haven't read it yet, but thought I'd stick it in here.



    Marathon training goes well for me so far.  Finished November with 158 miles - highest month total in ages for me, and I've strung some 40+ mile weeks together now, too.  Can't wait to see how it all pays off in March.  Sure do want to finally get a sub-4 marathon finish.


    It's a great time of year, and I hope everyone has a blessed Christmas season filled with family, friends, good food and no weight gain. Wink

    I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.

      Hi runners! Thanks to all of you RA folks for being so welcoming.


      yapper, glad your training is going well.


      December started off pretty well for me with an AG 2nd this morning at the Atlanta BeltLine Eastside 10K. I've been trying to get closer to back to PR shape for a while now. My PRs are all from 2009 (10K and half PRs) and 2010 (marathon PR). In 2011 and 2012, I have logged my highest mileage ever, and run really crappy times (did not run a marathon in 2011). It seems some excess weight gain has been the main culprit, so I've been working on that. Not sure of my official time, but Garmin had me a little under 51. Obviously I've got a ways to go yet (which I knew!), but  I'm very happy with this race under the circumstances, as it included a trail section of a little over a mile.


      Next marathon will probably be Georgia Marathon in March.

      PRs: 5K: 21:25, 10K: 44:05, HM: 1:38:23* (downhill), M: 3:32:09


        Thanks for starting us off, Paul! Yes, the Master's forum has seen a LOT of new faces lately, so I figured there'd be some new names here as well. Welcome all new RA (formerly RW) runners! This has been a pretty small close-knit group for awhile, and it's so nice to see some new names and activity.


        Not too Swift, congratulations on your 10k, and you might want to reconsider your handle. Smile


        Kimmie, I'm not sure when the name change happened, but I like it better anyway. I noticed when this group was above Masters in my user groups list. Must've been Murphy who changed it? Dunno.... glad to see you back though, Ms. Kim!


        Yeah, we might want to go back to a weekly if we get a lot of activity, but let's see how it goes.


        I ran my 29th marathon in September (50th anniversary of the Equinox Marathon), and only the 2nd for the year (Boston was the other one). Not sure when my next one is... We've had such a cold November my training has really taken a hit, and I've been pretty much exclusively on the treadmill except for my week in Seattle. It's -31° in town today, and about -15° here and while I have run in those conditions, I'm just not motivated to do that now. So.... will hit the treadmill again later today. It's a nice time to catch up on some of my podcasts for distraction. Very glad I didn't sign up for a spring marathon, but I do miss not having a goal to train for. 


        But, like JellyFish, work has been so busy lately I wouldn't have time to really train for anything anyway. Sad




          Thanks, Paul (and, Kim).


          I, too, was surprised by the name change.


          Short, easy 4 miler this morning with my wife... early because we had to be somewhere very early this morning.  I think I'll sleep in tomorrow.  I tried to take a nap, but was awakened by "Ann from account services..." on my cell phone.  I sure wish there is a way to stop those calls, but I haven't found one yet.


          Erika -- you need to find a race.  A training goal will make the TM more palatable, I think.  Smile

          Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |

            Happy December everyone! 


            Kimmie--I changed the name when the people started showing up from runners world - I didnt want them to think we were in any way inclusive and scare new potential members off..


            Getting my running gear out of moth balls and plan to run at lunch tomorrow. I figure I'll start ramping up in December instead of my normal New Years start..


              Hey Murphy, we need an updated picture of the kids! What's the Christmas card photo this year? Smile

              No more marathons

                Good afternoon all.  New member here - can't really say I'm a RW refuge since I was only there since this past September.

                Little history - ran for a few years (5) back in the early eighties.  Had three marathons under my belt before I quit - my first one also being my PR.  Stop running for a few decades and then started back up in 2007.  Didn't have any real interest in marathons until my son ran his first at 18 and qualified for Boston.  Decided I would try also - failed miserably on my first attemt in August (Quebec) but then was successful at the end of October (Spinx Run Fest).  Have my third marathon in 7 months planned for early March, and then Boston in 2014.


                Anyway, don't know how much I will be contributing to the discussion here, but felt I should at least check in since I will be lurking. Big grin

                Boston 2014 - a 33 year journey

                Lordy,  I hope there are tapes. 

                He's a leaker!

                  Hey Murphy, we need an updated picture of the kids! What's the Christmas card photo this year? Smile

                   haven't taken them for Christmas pictures yet.. I'll find a recent picture of the 2 of them momentarily..

                    This was from early fall. One of my favorite snapshots of Ava.


                      Ava and Aidan in July..



                        I love it! Look at those curls! Thanks, Murphy, those are great!


                        Hi Bluesky! Welcome, and congratulations for getting back into the marathon swing of things.

                          Hi Everyone!


                          Typical...I was really looking forward to the last week of taper and I wake up this morning with a sore throat and the beginnings of a cold.  Boo!  Well, I was supposed to rest this week anyway, right?


                          Rehoboth Beach in 5 days and the weather is looking good. 

                            Hey, PopcornFrog (I was going to say "PF", but didn't want to jinx you further Smile ).  I think you're supposed to get sick during taper -- it's one of those things.


                            bluesky - feels good to get back, huh?  I am mostly a lurker, too, I think


                            cute kids, murphy!  Hmm, I suppose at some point I should post a couple of the grandkid pictures here (we have two).


                            I took a much needed rest day today -- will start my 18 week training plan in a couple of weeks, but I've been holding my base since the last marathon in October.

                            Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |

                              Docket_Rocket--hope you check back in...interested in hearing how Vegas went. Haven't heard anything about the organization this year--but havent searched anything out yet Smile


                                Can I join up????  I'm a RW chick like Damaris.  I started running in March, ran the Des Moines marathon as my first race in October and ran a 3:32.  Here's a link to my Des Moines RR from October, which gives some more info about me/my training, etc.


                                Now I'm about to start training for the Carmel marathon in a couple of weeks (I just found off my timing is wrong...I thought I started training 12/10, but it's 12/17...oopsies!!).  I'm upgrading to Pfitz's 18/85 plan from Pfitz's 18/70+ (I added miles so I averaged 74 mpw) last time around.  I ran a PB 340 miles last month, just base building prior to training.  I'm taking a cut back week this week, though - feeling pretty trashed!  Anyway,  I look forward to meeting and getting to know you all!