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Week of 7-5-2010 (Read 175 times)


    Congrats on your  5k PR Erika !

    On the road again...

      Awesome time at your race, Erika.  Great PR!

      Kicked my week off with a surprising run.  Didn't intend to do 7.2 miles, and didn't expect it to feel as good as it did.  This was probably the last run in the cooler temps, though.  Looks like normal weather from here on out until September.  Oh well, it was nice while it lasted and it was a great preview of where my times may be in the fall.

      Make it a great week, everyone.

      I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.


        good morning blister,

        This past week has been crazy for us.  Off and on pain in my back and stomach for the past 2 weeks finally landed me in the ER last Tuesday night.  Turns out I had a large ovarian cyst.  They scheduled surgery for Friday morning.  All went well, but it was a bit involved.  I can't run or any kind of exercise for 2 weeks, the Dr. said.  

        So, I'll be checking in here from time to time... but trying to be a good patient.

        On the road again...

          Wow, Kim.  Glad you're okay.  Sure hope your recovery goes well.  It's good to hear from you.

          I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.

            Wow, Kimmie! Good thing you didn't just ignore it or think it was a muscle strain or something. Hope you have a good uneventful recovery and are back out there soon.

            Nice run for you, Paul. It's always nice when things go better than you were thinking they would. And sometimes, when I really don't feel like going out for a run and end up forcing myself to go, it turns out to be better than usual. This running is a funny thing sometimes.

            Thanks on the 5k. That was my official time, too: 21:57. In our stupid paper, my name is listed in the men's section, but I was 6th in the women's times, finishing right on the tail of a gal who usually beats me handily. 

            It's been raining steadily here since 4 a.m. I wasn't planning on running today, but I did want to work in the garden. It's a sodden mess now though... Guess I'll do some puttering around the house till things clear up. I'm off work today and tomorrow for the 4th, so nice to have the downtime.



               Glad you got on top of that. Sucks to be a woman sometimes. Hope you have a great recovery.



               That's awesome 5k!!!! Congrats, great work.


              Been feeling some burn in my hamstrings and it is a bit tighter than I'd like it. Been trying to rest it, and not give in to graston treatment, hoping that is the smarter of the two approaches. I did run an 8K yesterday, just because it was cheap. There was a girl ahead of me that from the very beginning kept stopping to stretch her calves. At 2.5 miles I caught up with and gave her some unasked for advice, "I'd just slow down and ease up on those calves. It is just not worth it" She said, "But I got a half marathon in two weeks" and I replied, "Well you don't want to be hurt for that, just ease up, your calves will thank you." She fell behind me after that and I didn't see her.


              My legs loosened up in the race and I was able to do lots of passing. I passed a few girls and heard them on my heels and thought, "you can pass me but you're going to have to work hard to do it." No one passed me, and I even passed a kid with a high school X-country shirt. I almost said, "you really going to let an old woman beat you." I would have took another one but he killed me on the down hill.  41:07 time, I was happy with my efforts.


              My kids did the 1 mile after. It was a disaster!! They were tired from party we had night before and I wasn't there to get them up. My seven year old ran 2/3 of it and was crying saying his thigh hurts, but pointing to his stomach. Said, "Dad didn't feed us anything."  My nine year old ran very little and when I ran back to him, found him burning up in fever. He was tired, miserable from humid, hungry, and exhausted, they didn't even want to stay for the parade. I just hope I can convince them to try running races again.


              Happy Camper

                Kimmie:  Glad you're on the way to getting better.  Surgery sucks yet now you know what was wrong, get it fixed and recover.


                Erika:  Great 5k! I think time is the hardest to shave off of that distance. 


                Second day of recovery running for me.  Averaged 11:34 mm yesterday at 124 ppm avg HR.  Today was 10:42 mm at 121 pbm avg HR.  Had the max lift session at noon that I was supposed to have last Wednesday.  Nothing like trying  max out with squats, military press, dead lift, rows, lunges and calf raises two days after marathon.  At least  it was low  rep work.  My soreness was gone and I felt more life in the legs this morning.  I hope the weights don't slow the recovery.  I lift again Wednesday but it is the start of the new light cycle based on my max lifts today.  Did some mountain biking on the trails Sunday with some friends who are staying with us until tomorrow.  DW and DS2 are headed to Colorado Friday so I will take the bike out in the evenings next week while I am the bachelor.  Next race will be a 10k in early August.

                Determination: The feeling you get right before you try something incredibly stupid.

                On the road again...

                  60 minutes of recovery running for me this morning.  My max HR was 206.  Hmmm. Think maybe the Garmin spiked a little??  I ran consistent 11:15 mm or so and watched my HR data stay higher than it ever does in a tempo run.  That was funny.

                  I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.

                    Kimmie: Get better..and be patient.


                    5k results are up. 24:48 was my official time.


                    59/350 overall

                    49/293 male

                    4/12 Age group (35-39)


                    Very happy with the result. Im looking forward to the next one. Theres a 5k/15k next month. I planned on doing the 15k, now Im thinking I may do the 5k if I cant find one before then.

                      wow. it is quiet in here.


                      4 easy miles at 10pm tonight. Felt great 10:17 pace

                        Wow, Murphy, you were out late! it'd still be broad daylight here, but probably not where you are. DH and I went for a walk last night at about 10:30 and that was really nice. Other than that, I spent the day in the garden in the afternoon after it rained all morning.

                        Today was nice from the start, but I had so many other things to do the day just got away from me. I did make it out at 3 for a 9 mile run which was nice, but my quads felt tired. I'm guessing still fatigued from Sunday's race and run. Still haven't made it out to the garden today, which is a bummer because I'm so close to being done. I guess I'll head out there now. Just realized we have no clean dishes so started the dishwasher. We're grilling a whole chicken for dinner (cut in half and butterflied) but DH hasn't even started the coals yet. So... I guess i have time to get some weeding done, after I prep the bird.

                        Nice 8k, Bugs. I offer advice to runners too, but I bet it's annoying. Oh well. I agree, if she has a half marathon in 2 weeks, she sure shouldn't be toasting her legs on a stupid 8k!! Sorry your kids didn't have a great day, but I bet they'll be game for another soon.

                        Bryan, you make me miss weight lifting. I do a little here and there, but it seems like a winter activity for me. I guess that is a type of "periodization," taken to extremes.

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                          Attended a wedding in the midwest (Iowa). Had some fun running various places -- most notably on the Chicago museum front yesterday evening, when we made an unplanned side trip in to the lake front,  to visit downtown Chicago. When we were departing, Lake Shore Drive was buckling from the heat -- I guess it just happened, as some cop cars were blocking off the southbound lanes and diverting everyone off the road. Ends of the pavement were curling up. I wondered if it was an (expensive) advertisement for a disaster movie.


                          I briefly considered hitting the Kirksville marathon, to see if I could meet p2r, but I would have had to wake up before 0200, driven 3 hours to it, run it, and then driven 3 hours back, and then had the family brunch to attend, followed by the evening wedding -- I decided I wouldn't survive that schedule, and it would eat up too much of my morning and energy.


                          Had a fun wedding/family reunion.


                          Kim: glad you got that caught and taken care of so quickly and easily!

                          It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

                          On the road again...

                            Not much to report here.  Temps are on the rise (high of 100 today) and I ran 8.5 this morning.

                            I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.


                              Great effort for such high temps, Paul. I'm on vacation this week and have actually gotten some running and biking in. My kind of vacation! Paul, the place we're at is your kind of place. Christian retreat center on Lake Michigan called Maranatha. Great speakers. Time with the kids and without. 6 miles this morning in 52 minutes.

                              MTA congrats to Erika on the PR. Wow, Kimmie, I'm glad you got your medical issue taken care of and that you're healing up. Rest well and come back fresh.

                              I ran a mile and I liked it, liked it, liked it.


                              On the road again...

                                Sounds like a great place, Dave.  The kind of place I need to get put on the speaker circuit!

                                I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.