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Seattle Marathon (Read 117 times)

Travis Groom

    Hey Evan, I noticed that you ran the Seattle Marathon and was wondering how you liked it (or anyone else that has run it.) Seattle is my hometown (I am currently in Edmonton, AB Canada) but am looking at running the Seattle Marathon in 2009 (because 2008 races are already booked...) I can run the course in my head and it seems like an awesome run (and it goes through my old neighborhoods). Was it organized well?
      I'd have to say that the Seattle Marathon was the best one I've done. The course is very nice, my only complaint is it's a LOT of pavement/concrete to run on and my feet felt pretty beat up afterwards. The hills at the end (mile 20) are tough, especially that last uphill before going into the stadium to the finish line, but hills are good. My only complaint is at the end, there really wasn't enough food/snacks. There was chocolate milk, and soup (too salty for me), but the bananas and other fruit had been cleared out by the half-marathoners. Cool stuff: every mile was clearly marked, posted on a porta-potty frequently! Many miles had someone calling out the time so you always knew where you were pace-wise. Lots of aid stations/water stops/help along the way. The volunteers were awesome and that usually means a really good organizer/director is involved. The expo was good, but I don't have a ton of experience with big expos since most of my races are smaller. Everyone got a really nice rolled up poster with a map of the course, and it was rolled up and in a good tube for traveling.... mine made it home in perfect shape. The tech shirt (long sleeved) fits well, but it's sort of plain. Finishers medal was very nice, and I got a really nice lucite award for my 7th in AG placing (awards to top 10 in each 5-year AG)... they mailed it to me. Yesterday, I got a nice booklet in the mail of all the results, everyone is in there and some pictures from the day. At the end, they have smiling helpers take off your chip band, place your medal around your neck and wrap you in the space blanket. Then you're turned loose to walk around, meet friends, go to the "recovery stations" inside or whatever. It was a problem that all the bottled water was back outside, so you had to grab one when you least felt like it or have to go back down the ramp to go get one later. Finally, this year the weather was just about perfect. A little cool and foggy at the early start for the half runners, but clearing up nicely for the full. No wind, no rain, wonderful sunshine, beautiful views, the run through Seward park was delightful. The weather could be a deal killer for me doing this race again though... Typical late November Seattle weather can be the total definition of crap... We really lucked out this year. Anything else you'd like to know?
      Travis Groom

        Wow! I think that about covered all of it. Being away from Seattle for a year now and the complete lack of rain in Alberta, I think it would be an adjustment for me to get used to running cold AND wet, but I can always hope for some good weather right? Thanks for the information on the marathon, greatly appreciated. Sad part is, all the years I lived downtown, never even knew about it and it ran right past my old apartment. Weird how things change.