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Week of September 25th (Read 197 times)


    Questions of the day.    How long does it take for toenails to fall off?  And how long for them to grow back?


    Gross I know.  Yes its my first time, and I will be losing two or three)


    Today's hero workout  ( hero workouts are named after guys who died in Iraq and Afganistan)


    Hero workout : Santiago
    Seven rounds for time of:
    20 pound Dumbbell hang squat clean, 10 reps  ( prescribed is 35# dumbells)
    10 Pull-ups
    65 pound Power clean, 10 reps  ( prescribed is 135# barbell and weight plates)
    10 shoulder press with 15# dumbells. ( prescribed are hand stand push ups)


    Total 70 hang squat cleans, 70 pull ups  70 power cleans 70 shoulder presses.


    33 minutes 33 seconds

    Happy Camper

      Cash:  It depends on how much pressure built up in blowing the nails off the toes.  Severe pressure and they will not take as much time to fall off. (Weeks)  Just enough pressure to force them off it it will take months to shed them.  It is much better for them to take months.  You want as much of the new nail to grow underneath the old to protect the toe.  At least half of it covered.  It is very, very painfull to lose them too soon or force them off.  I've had bad pressure one time and it hurt so much I considered drilling the nails of both my big toes.  I did not and lucky for me the swelling got better after 3 - 4 days.  Much greater chance of an infection plus a mistake made drilling the nail would mean a lot more pain.  Just give it time. 


      Nice work out.  How do your delts on your shoulders take all of the pullups and presses.  I'm trying to self rehab mine doing seated rear delt raises, side raises and front high pulls using very light weights and slow reps.  It is slow going.  A little better this week than last but still get that painful tendon click and grab when I have to put anything up high overhead during the day.  At least I can still do squats and deadlifts. 

      Determination: The feeling you get right before you try something incredibly stupid.

        Ran 3 miles yesterday. No foot problems, at all. I didnt have much energy. From going low-carb in the past--I could tell that I was going into exercise-induced ketosis. Not at all intentional--I guess I just didnt eat much over the weekend and before the run. Loaded up with rice and beans afterwards. Will run some more easy miles tonight.


          The delts take a real beating.      However I usually recover in a few hours.


          I also often make a protein shake if I feel my muscles hurting.  I feel that the shake gives then the nutrienents to repair faster.


          Or I could just be fooling myself.


          If I turn the lights down low,  turn my head sideways and squint, I can almost see some shoulder and chest muscles now.


            Pace,    Thanks for the info.


            Cross fit has a lot of info on fixing yourself.    Work outs of the day are called WoDs.   And they have a blog with videos they call


            Mobility wod or  Mwod.


            Here is one for delts:




            The also have stuff that covers runners like runners knee and plantar fasciitis


            Also google  Eric Cressey.


            Eric trains and rehabs baseball pitchers,   especially for the Boston Red Sox.    He is a young guy but considered one of the top shoulder guys.




              Thank you for the info.   I figured they would fall off in a couple of days and no pain.


              And that the new nail would grow in afterwards.   But I am experiencing what you said.  I seem to have new


              nails coming in,  and the old one just seems to be sitting on top of the incoming nail.   I was going to try to peel


              the old ugly ones off.    Guess that isnt such a good idea.    Really glad I asked and you read my mind and


              responded with the info I needed/ wanted.

                mine didn't fall off as much as the one underneath grew long enough for it to fall off.  I've only ever once had that 'snail without a shell' look on the end of my toe, and I firmly adhered a bandaid to that sucker long enough for a nail to grow back.  I've lost three, the first gave me shooting pains up my foot as I ran, the second came off during a race, and the third I only just noticed upon its exit.  If you were a chick you could paint them, and no one would know. 

                  3 miles at lunch..felt good. May make it a double and get in 4-6 tonight. My easy pace is starting to get a bit faster. Im still eyeing Columbus Marathon - even though I shouldnt be. It should sell out any day..So I just need to hold out a bit longer Smile

                  Happy Camper

                    Go for it Murphy!


                    Sprint intervals for me this morning.  Bailed on the gym tonight. I'll go for it again tomorrow after work.  Gym bag is still packed and in the car.  Forecast is looking great for Sunday's 50k.  Low 40's in the morning, high in the upper 60's and mostly clear, sunny skies.  Should be a beautiful early fall day.

                    Determination: The feeling you get right before you try something incredibly stupid.


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                      The local 16-miler that I've been anticipating almost got canceled (due to hurricane damage), but it's back on again this coming weekend, and I'm psyched. Did speedwork on the track today, so that will be my last hard running for the week now.

                      It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

                        I signed up for Columbus moments after writing that post Smile


                        No idea how I will do. Going to try to get 18-20 miler in on Sunday and a couple medium/long runs in next week. Those alone will probably have me better prepared than I have been for any other attempt except maybe my 2nd ever marathon in Vegas. But, I will have more long runs in than I have in a long, long time.


                        I think with what  I learned in the 24 hour run, I can get under 5 hrs and a PR..we'll see.


                          Go for it, Murphy! I'm always impressed with how you do on little regular training. Just think what you could do if you could follow a training program to the end without injury or distractions!


                          Nice to see Cash start the weekly! I used to get toe problems and blisters but haven't since I went up 1/2 size in my shoes. Made all the difference. Now my feet almost never get owies.


                          Hope Bugs is still doing ok. All that achilles and lower leg soreness is nothing to take lightly. You may need some "active rest" to heal it up all the way before your marathon(s). You ever do pool running? When I was having AT issues, that was the absolute best thing for it.


                          I ran pretty much every day after Equinox, then missed a couple days due to travel to a conference. Ran two times in Dallas on the Katy Trail (very nice, starting from hotel then about a mile to the AA center where the trail starts). Ran at lunch yesterday about 5.7 miles and will do about the same today. September will be a lower mileage month, I don't think I'll crack 180.


                          Signed up for Boston (did I already say that?), now trying to figure out what to do between now and then. Perry, we have some races here in the winter but I typically don't do them. Just 5k and 10k things, sparsely attended. You never know what DH and I might find on the running calendars though. Just about any time I have a trip scheduled, we look for something!


                            Just fun useless information.   100 meter records for men aged 35 to 100 years.


                            Happy Camper

                              Erika: You must have been at the Regency or close by.  My favorite business trips have been there.  Love the run past the America's Center then I've started the trail and ran it to SMU and back.  Nice early morning run.  Also since the Regency had the big ball lit up I could run pretty much anywhere downtown Dallas and find my way back to the hotel.  Loved it. 


                              From this mornings run:


                              Type Distance Duration Avg
                              Interval 1 mi 8:28.09 146 168   EditDelete
                              Interval 1 mi 8:24.93 145 166   EditDeleteMove up
                              Interval 1 mi 7:45.51 150 157   EditDeleteMove up
                              Interval 1 mi 7:37.71 157 178   EditDeleteMove up
                              Interval 1 mi 7:31.96 173 194   EditDeleteMove up
                              Interval 1 mi 7:51.87 177 201   EditDeleteMove up
                              Interval 0.08 mi 0:39.82 180 183


                              I've always estimated my Hax HR at 180 bpm but this has me wondering.  Three of us split off to do a shorter route than the usual 10-miler.  It was cool low 40's so heat wasn't a factor.  Had a slightly faster pace than my last 10k race in August.  I'm wondering if the max heart rate readings for mile 5 and 6 are real.  Mile 4 ended with a long 1/2 mile uphill so for me holding a 7:37 mile split would make it feasable to work it into the 170 range and usually when it hits the upper ranges it stays there unless I'm really forced to slow down due to fading energy.  It would really alter the training efforts for what is easy and what is tempo if it is accurate.  It did not feel like a race effort at all so I am really looking forward to shorter races that will start back up near the end of October. 

                              Determination: The feeling you get right before you try something incredibly stupid.


                                Yep, Bryan, that's where we were. It is a nice landmark, that's for sure. As for your HR questions, I'm not sure. I've heard the HRM can give whacky readings sometimes if it's dry out, or if you're wearing tech wear. I know when someone else asked Garmin about it, they were told to wear cotton and not tech wear because of static. Not likely to wear cotton, so oh well. But I bet your max is above 180.


                                Ran 11.1 today and 6.1 yesterday, gives me just over 37 for the week. I figure I'll stay in the 35-45 miles-per-week range for the next couple of months, then start building in January. Nice to be able to not run so much if I don't feel like it. Spent the rest of the afternoon in the yard and garden, taking advantage of the nice weather to get things all ready for winter. It's coming!