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Week of 1/11/2010 (Read 261 times)


    Good call Lou.


    I ran 20 miles last summer, hurt the lower abductor at mile 18.   It still hurts to run now.



    Note to self:  running to the store in street clothes = major chaffage.  Good thing there are few trees here, or my thighs might have started a forest fire.

    Mike was laughing at me as I try to walk with out the thighs touching today.


      Bugs,  careful with that tylenol.    There is a major recall right now on Tylenol,  problems with moldy odors.
        Bugs, sometimes you just gotta know when to call it a day. And I don't think there's anything you could do that would make us think poorly of you. Really. And not every race can be a PR! I got much happier with my running when I realized that.

        Happy to report 6 miles for me today at 8:45 avg pace, down the road, out the main road a bit and back up the hill. Temps of -12° for the most part so had to stop and de-ice the eyelashes at one point, and stop a couple other times on the way back up the hill to catch my breath. But I felt better than the last time I did this route before my break, so that's encouraging. Then DS2 and I went to the gym where I did 30 minutes of weights, finally increasing weights and/or reps on several moves so showing improvement there, too. 

        Time to start cutting back on the XT and building up the miles. Woohoo! But... not too soon. Tomorrow will be a non-running XT day, again. The run-every-other-day plan is on the schedule for a little while, at least.

        Hail to The Victors!

          Ouch Cash.  Ouch.


          Yesterday was 18 with 10 at mp at noon  Wouldn't have been too notable except for the the frickin skunk on the bike path at mile 9.  It was pretty hard to see the little black and white lump on the snowy pavement., a little closer and I would have been a lot smellier.  I backed off to about 30 feet and started chucking stuff at it to scare it away.  The one time I hit it with a stick, it peered around at me and seemed to say, "What?  I've got the upper hand here!"   So, I ended up going around the long way, figuring that any skunk giving me that stinkeye at noon was worth leaving alone. 


            Good run, I guess... but I was sore and tired.... running into the wind and didn't want to go up some of the hills... we needed to walk in places... always wonder when I have a run like that if I should have not run at all.

            But it was beautiful outside... 45 degrees

            Erika-  yay!!!  You're on your way back.

            Great run,  Jeremy....

            hope there's lots of healing going on for Lou and Pam....