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Week of 6/22 (Read 248 times)

Happy Camper

    Type Distance Time Total Time Pace Avg HR Max HR Notes
    Interval 1 Mi 8:57.33 8:57.33 8:58 128 151  
    Interval 1 Mi 8:32.38 17:29.71 8:33 147 153  
    Interval 1 Mi 8:22.3 25:52.01 8:23 147 156  
    Interval 1 Mi 8:14.09 34:06.10 8:15 147 156  
    Interval 1 Mi 8:37.59 42:43.69 8:38 150 161  
    Interval 1 Mi 9:01.48 51:45.17 9:02 152 160  
    Interval 1 Mi 8:33.63 1:00:18.80 8:34 154 161  
    Interval 1 Mi 8:27.38 1:08:46.18 8:28 159 166  
    Interval 1 Mi 7:56.41 1:16:42.59 7:57 160 165  
    Interval 1 Mi 9:02.62 1:25:45.21 9:03 163 169  
    Interval 1 Mi 8:40.46 1:34:25.67 8:41 163 169  
    Interval 0.32 Mi 2:42.03 1:37:07.70 8:27 169 172
    Nice pace run for me this morning.  It was warm and humid.  I'm encouraged.  I don't plan on running this fast next weekend.  It will be great if I feel strong to progress through the run instead of having  the wheels fall off.  I had plenty left over this morning.  HR avg was 152.  I was in the 160's miles 9-11.  Think I'll be okay and be able to hold it a lower rate starting out at a 9:15-9:30 pace next weekend and work to finish strong and faster pace.  I'll see what happens.

    Determination: The feeling you get right before you try something incredibly stupid.



      Those are great great paces and your heart rates are still very low, give yourself a pat on the back, you've earned it.


      7 miles for me, legs a little tired, very very humid. Guy on the trail starts talking to me, I should have ran away but I'm so damn I love to talk. He says he plans to run Mankato marathon as his first marathon at a 3:20-3:30 pace. ask him his half time, and he says under two hours, then 1:50, I don't think he really knew. His math is all wrong on the paces he is telling me, he is either complete bull-shit or stupid. I told him, he can double his half marathon time and five minutes and that is probably the marathon time he should shoot for. I just ran away from him thinking, if he shows up I'm so passing him at mile 20.


      Options,Account, Forums passing him at mile 20.




        Got the cycling and swimming in today, and only 1mi running so far. Distracted by world cup right now.

        It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.



          Sorry your run didn't work out, Cash. I thought you didn't drink.

           2 miles pain free today after teaching cycle.   Slow,  but I find I can get through the run if its slow.  If its at normal training pace or faster, then pain.


          I do drink about 5 nights a year.  Limit is 3 drinks and usually 2 or less.


          Yes I have a friend who does in one night what I drink in a year.


          I have done 4 marathons.   In two weeks I will do my first stand alone 5k.    ( Most of my tri's are 5k runs).


            World Cup is great. I was in Paris once when it was there but impossible to get tickets. The night they won it the city went wild, everyone was in the streets celebrating. Was wild.


             Alcohol is really bad for you. Dehydrating, and lots of calories. I believe it is just bad for your body, gives me a headache the next day, a sign there is nothing good for me in there. Most of my friends drink way too much wine.


            On the road again...

              I drink way too much...Diet Mountain Dew.

              I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.



                Becareful with the hard stuff. Wink


                I biked 26 miles today. Smile


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                  Combined workouts with a friend tonight. I wanted to run out to retrieve my wife's car. He wanted to run 70min, followed by 10x(1min on, 1min off). So he drove over and we did both -- mostly. We ran about a mile before I realized I'd forgotten my driver's license, so we went back, got it, and started off again. Déjà vu indeed for the next mile. I was feeling strong at that point, but was fading as we approached 70min.


                  My guess is dehydration, not enough food earlier that day, and maybe some tiredness from Saturday's bike & swim (both were  longest I'd gone this year -- 18mi bike, abt 1.6mi swim).


                  He started the speedwork, and I reset my watch and took off after him. When I caught up and asked him where he was, he said he was just finishing the first minute off. Gee, I hadn't even noticed the transition to slow part. I gave up at that point, and just jogged the rest of the time, as he did the speedwork.


                  I felt on the edge of fainting by the end, declined an offer to go hit my favorite buffet afterward, and just went inside for liquids and calories. I had a bunch of grapes (left over from our tri club picnic/swim on Sat) - those were lovely -- tasty little explosions of liquid energy. I had a bunch to drink, a shower, and then a brief nap. This was followed by more to drink, some left over Indian food, and second course of nap. I've just finished the food and am planning to hit chocolate milk next.


                  Earlier today, I saw on car's display today the highest temp I've seen on it -- 115F. I think its sensor probably gets overheated from direct sunlight, wherever it is, because I doubt it actually hit 115F here today.

                  It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

                  Hawt and sexy

                    I did a long run and didn't feel like I had to poop my pants. It's the simple things....

                    I'm touching your pants.

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                      I'm glad you had a good clean long run. May you have many more.

                      It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

                        Gonna get 4 miles in at lunch. Hopefully my back will hold out. Rested it this weekend sort-of. Did lots of yard work. Typical weekend. Put some lbs back on, have to work it off the rest of the week. Most of my pants look like clown pants now. I may need to go down a waist size.