Marathon Trainers


Week of 8/22/11 (Read 160 times)

    NameDistance ▼Time
    Amores Perros 77 mi 10:47:02
    AussieGirl76 63 mi 9:15:08
    CaraH 61 mi 9:19:00
    pace2race 49.3 mi 7:51:18
    WillRunForBeer 48.7 mi 7:34:05
    evanflein 48.7 mi 7:46:28
    Bugs 33.4 mi 4:48:28
    irpete 27.8 mi 4:26:43
    theyapper66 27.4 mi 4:42:11
    Kimmie 18.7 mi 2:54:05
    jhallum 12.9 mi 1:46:40
    lilcat19 10.8 mi 1:39:45
    Cashmason 6.4 mi 1:01:14
    Dutchie42 6 mi 1:05:21
    dgb2n 3 mi 28:36
    Murphy996 0 mi 0:00
    willamona 0 mi 0:00

      Thanks for posting that Aussie !


      Erika,  how many states is that for you now?


        wow, Erika..... that is truly amazing.   Another great job.  I wonder how you feel when you run flat?   Like, do you prefer to run hilly courses?


        I need to go back and add some of my runs.   this morning was just gorgeous outside.   62 degrees - felt great, nice and easy 3 miles.   I have my half on 9/4 and i'm trying to resist the urge to cram some more runs in.  It's better if I just keep it easy, I think.


        How's everyone else doing?   I saw pics of Bug's relay.


        Always great to hear from Cash-   keep posting even if you're not running, ok?  Smile


        And Dave can make an appearance at any time, Ok?  

          and Murphy  :-)

          On the road again...

            Just a quick hey.  Life's crazy for us right now, and my training feels very yo-yo-ish (it's a word now because I deemed it so).  Nice race last week, Erika.  Impressive.

            I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.


              Just an FYI

              I do  quarter mile runs as part of my cross fit work out,

               and as that is most of the running I do these days,

               I am l gonna put it  in the log.


                Thanks guys. Wow, light posting around here these days. We need Bugs to come back more often. And Murphy. And Dave! I'm one to talk though... I've been AWOL a lot recently it seems.


                The race last week was fun, but it was hard. Turns out I was 6th overall, not 5th. Oh well, still 2nd woman. There were less than 50 people in the marathon, so no big deal, but fun to do race with such character. Wyoming was state #11... I've really just started this quest. Hope to finish before I qualify for Social Security. Roll eyes


                Getting ready to head off to my last race before Equinox, the Golden Heart Trail Run. It's a XC style 5k, complete with hay bales to jump, mud, roots, the works. Two loops around, just like the high school XC teams run. I'll be glad when it's over. I never do well at this race, but it's part of our series so that's why I do it. Beautiful day here, temp only 48° right now but clear and sunny.

                Happy Camper

                  Hope everyone out East is riding the storm out ok. 


                  I was up early this morning and drove up to my hometown for a 5k.  My second time to enter it.  It was a good 2.5 hour drive so I was up and out the door by 5:00.  Memphis is a town of 2k in a county of less than 5k in the northeast part of Missouri.  I got there in time to get a warmup mile in and felt good inspite of it already being into the 70's.  I was leader for about the first mile and a half.  First mile split was 6:47 which is fast for me but I felt okay with it. My second mile split was 7:17 and by that time the air was draining out of my balloon.  By that time I had dropped into third, the leader was pulling away and I was only able to make up a little ground on 2nd place by the time the finish line was in sight.  It ended in a 21:44 which is a PR for me.  First time I have ever ran sub 22:00 minutes or with in 15 seconds of 22 minutes.  My garmin shorted the course a little but you can imagine the number of turns you have to have in a small town to come up with a 3.1-mile loop so I fault the Garmin more than the course setup.  I think the intervals I've been doing 2x per week since July and getting down to 165 lbs is starting to pay off. 

                  Determination: The feeling you get right before you try something incredibly stupid.


                    Nice race for you, Bryan!! Wow, great PR. All those turns also make it hard to hold pace, I think.


                    I had a good race for the course... 23:35 which I think is a course PR for me. Happy with my time, and the good run afterward (ran 5.4 miles home).


                      Awesome race Bryan and Erika . Yeah, it has been sparse around here.... Ive not posted much, since i havent bern running much. We're watching the hurricane come through .... No issues, just rain. 5 miles this morning. Fun, easy- Ran mile repeats Thursday night... Not bad, not great- all 7:50 ish... Stay safe my east coast friends.

                        Sounds like all that's left of Hurricane Irene is a lot of rain and some wind. Flooding is the main concern now... Hope everyone out East is ok...


                        My legs were tired today after yesterday's race and run. Funny... I didn't have this much quad fatigue (not sore, just tired feeling) after my marathon. But this hilly race yesterday was at a fast pace/effort, so maybe that made the difference. Got a late start with all the things going on here today, not the least of which was DS2's kitten cutting her leg on a staple under our couch (what can I say, she's a crazy girl and into everything!) so that involved a mid-afternoon run to the ER/weekend vet. Now she's sporting a cone to keep her from chewing the bandage covering the stitches she got. Poor kitty. Anyway, I managed 11.5 miles before calling it a day. Still almost 50 for the week (47 something). I'll do a 20+ miler next weekend for a 2 week taper before Equinox.