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Week of 12/27/2010 (Read 189 times)

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    Yeah, it's just a trail where each clue leads to the next. One of them was inside a plastic bag which was inside another plastic bag filled with water and left in the freezer, so when they got to it, it was frozen inside.


    My favorite was the one they dug up. I added a twist this time. They dug and found the clue (in a plastic bag). Then they put the dirt back and the shovel back and went inside to open it and read it. It said "You can't dig deeper than that?"   So they had to go back and dig deeper below the same spot....


    A couple had foreign words on them, so one kid now knows how to use google translate.

    It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

      Very creative, Perry! How long did it take YOU to put that all together?


      Cash, you always have a good way of looking at things. Roll eyes Nice to see you posting, and I hope you get a few more running miles in 2011.


      Happy Anniversary, Lou & Harriet! Love those little getaways you guys do. That place sounds lovely.


      Go Kimmie!!! Hope she's doing well and having fun. It's a fun marathon if you can get over the godawful early start time.


      Hey Jeremy! Hope you're all healed up and ready to get to work. You've got time to start easy and go for it. I took the first two weeks of January off last year to heal up and pushed my regular training plan a bit but ended up PR'ing at Boston. You can do this!


      My treadmill is a Horizon Fitness Elite 5t, but I don't think they make that model anymore. I wouldn't get one of those made for Wal-Mart, Sam's or Costco. They're lower end machines with bad warranties usually. I guess it depends on how much use it'll get. Between DS2 and me using mine, we put well over 600-800 miles a year on it. DH uses it every now and then, too.


      I took NYE off, and ended up with about 2,124 miles for the year. That's a big PR for me, and December actually had about 125 miles. So, ready to start the new year but still taking it easy. I ran 7.2 yesterday, and will do something today but not sure what. The concept of a weekly "long run" is not really in my plan these days, but we'll see what happens. We're having a record breaking warm day today, with the temp at 40° when we got up. Things are melting all over and will ice up something terrible this evening. Hate that. We really dread these warm spells because the aftermath is ice everywhere. And no "real" melting till spring, so we just have more ice on top of what we had in November. Lovely. A good day for screw shoes.

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        Got a second long run in today, but was plenty sore and tired by end. Still have trouble finding energy to go 16+, so did two 15s this weekend instead.

        It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.



          I'm a cat person, and so sorry about the kitty. Last time we had kittens I bawled just giving them away. We've got two, and one is a good 18 lbs and kids love that cat, and cat loves those kids.  Hope with time you will consider another.



          Thought of you today as I was burping water trying to swim.


          I have a Life Fitness TM, lower end model. Tip: Buy the same brand that you see in Fitness Centers. They typically have brands that can run forever. The lower end models just don't have as much programming, which turns out I like that stuff more than I thought I would. May have to spend more if you are really tall. I wouldn't spend the money on the ones that the cushion is adjustable.


          Had the stomach flu over x-mas, but am building back now. Took today off since feet said was a rapid come-back.