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Mission Impossible - Getting Down to Race Weight (Read 578 times)

Oh Mighty Wing

    pam I actually didn't try to loose any weight in the first place and am not trying to lose weight now. And I don't know that i'll loose too much more although I assume i will become smaller from becoming tighter.
    Mr Inertia

    Suspect Zero

      I did get down to 185 for Akron.


      However post race fun has gotten me around the 190-191 mark.


      Time to buckle down again.

        Heading into another holiday season and mid-winter with easily 8-10 lbs too much "me." Not being able to run much has had something to do with it, but I've been working out like a bandit on other things so I've come to the brilliant conclusion that I eat too much. Need to find a way to work on my problem area, which seems to be mostly:

        Too much snacking while making dinner

        Too much dinner (gotta stop taking seconds and nibbling during cleanup!)


        What's your plans/problem areas? I think we can come up with a way to help each other out, even if it's just stating the obvious. (it always sounds different coming from someone else!)


          Thanks for getting this going again, Erika.

          I also have about 10 pounds to lose.  I'm up to 145, which is really high for me.   I think my problem area would be late night snacks, not enough veggies, things along those lines.   And then just lack of motivation.  I am not working at the gym anymore, so i'm no longer being held to a standard.  I still look "OK" so what's the point of trying very hard to lose 5-6 pounds?  I looked back at this thread and I weighed 136 last February.

          Sigh-   It can be done.  I just have to want it badly enough.  If the jeans get any tighter, than that's it.  

            Kimmie, you and I are starting at about the right point. I was 145 on Dec. 1, and I think I'm going to keep track every week, but the first of every month will be what I really count. Goal is to be under 140 by Feb. 1, and hopefully under 137 by Boston. Slow and steady. I'm feeling snug in my fat jeans, so the time to start is NOW.

              Ok, Erika.  It's you and me!   And anyone else that wants to join us!

              I can't believe that I was complaining about my 137 pounds last Spring... wanting to be down to 132.  Now, I would be really happy with 137.  But the weight didn't magically come on, so I just have to identify those bad patterns.

                Well, this is going just swimmingly. January 4: 146.5 so that's lessee... oops. UP 1.5 lbs in the past month.

                The holidays are over, time to get to work. No excuses, right?


                  I'd join you but I'm up nearly 6 pounds over the holiday  and I don't want to talk about it.

                  I ran a mile and I liked it, liked it, liked it.



                    stay positive everyone!!!!!

                    Dave, join us!

                      Down to 143. I don't remember this ever being so hard. 

                        that is so great Erika.... you are down in weight.    How awesome.

                        I am starting a new eating plan tomorrow.

                          Well, January was sort of a wash. I dropped down mid-month to 143, then back up to 146.5 (net change = 0). Now, Feb. 5, I'm at 145.5 and have been for the last couple of days. So far, so good. Some long runs coming up and hopefully I can keep the feed bag hidden away in the evenings...
                            Fun to see the progress here. 143 this morning, so down a couple of pounds since last post. Slow going, but going in the right direction at least.



                               I was hoping to get your opinion on how to determine if you're eating enough. What do you do to calculate? That personal trainer last night told me I was not eating nearly enough. I don't know that my goal is to be 116 like I use to be my first year of running. I looked good, but I want to be stronger than that. This long distance running seems to burn muscle though. I'm not sure if it is the running longer, or the inadequate food intake. I use to think calories were calories but I'm not sure on that anymore.


                              In general I see so many of my woman friends work their butt off in the gym and they don't look like it. Maybe us woman have just yo-yo dieted so much and now we're just screwed. I kind of think my RP is that way, poor girl workout twice a day and is miserable about her body. I tend to get lean, but difficult time burning muscle. Is it lifestyle  or genetics?



                                ok, first thing you need to do is figure out your BMR, or basal metabolic rate

                                Try this site


                                The first number is how many calories you need to maintain your weight, not including exercise.   So, the next step (on that site) is to figure out how active you are.  I always put moderately active for me, you may want to put in very active.

                                So, then you determine how many calories you need to MAINTAIN your weight including exercise.  The recommendation, then, is to subtract 250 from that final #.   And then plan to burn 250 calories a day through exercise.  So, for me, that puts me at about 1800-1900 to lose weight with running about 30 miles a week.  If you are burning more than 250 calories a day (through exercise) you may have to eat more.  General rule is 100 calories burned for 10 minutes of running.

                                This is not an exact science, and  I rarely get this crazy about the numbers.   It sounds like you've put on muscle, if the # is higher but your body fat is lower.

                                Let me know if you have more questions.