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Week of 3/28/2011 (Read 327 times)

Happy Camper

    Nice run Lou.  8 - easy for me today.  The run I'm doing is Go St. Louis Marathon on 4/10.  I get my bib number emailed Tuesday. 

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      didn't get my miles where they should have been this week - oh well.  Enjoyed the heat (not so much) and did 5 just now 7:54 average.

        holy moly you're super close.  I'll be in vegas that weekend, then the Olathe marathon the weekend after.  G'luck!

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          Awww, I'm sorry I'm missing it (STL Mara); I'd wanted to do it, but stuff got in the way. One year I'm doing it.

          It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

            10 miles which gave me 56.4 for the week. Not too shabby. I had planned on running 15 HOWEVER during my run I started to think WHY 15? I could get away with 10. I'd get more time to spend with Ken before he leaves for the week (later in the day) My blisters will have more time to heal (one on pinky to from MB101 and a few on bottom of toes and one on the side of foot from VIbrams) AND mabye I'll have even more energy for Tuesdays speed work out. It's not like I'm ultra training or training for a marathon in the new future. This is new to me and I think I'm going to enjoy running "low mileage"


            Hope everyone has a GREAT week!

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