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    Here you go, p2r. You can also click on anyone's log, then click on PRs, then click on any race distance to see all the races of that distance. That's what I did for this, plus some annoying editing Smile I'm not sure yet if I'll go all out for this race. I may do what I did in Frederick in 2007 before Vermont City. I ran "marathon pace" but a little faster. Then I ran 4 miles after the race as I had a 17 on the plan that day. I probably won't run after the race because I want to meet up with people instead of be running. But I still might go about this pace. 5/6/2007 Frederick, MD 13.1 Mi 1:40:52 7:42 9/24/2006 Parks Half Marathon 13.1 Mi 1:46:34 8:09 3/19/2006 VA Beach Shamrock 13.1 Mi 1:38:45 7:33 10/15/2005 Baltimore Half Marathon 13.1 Mi 1:51:42 8:32

    Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |

      Ok... so what are we s'posed to be posting here Lou? PR's from Marathons and HMs? or our HM history?
        I dunno. Pace2race suggested to post goals and history for upcoming race distance, so I obliged. It's feeling kind of lonely here, though. Smile

        Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |

        Oh Mighty Wing

          My goals and history... hmmm... 13.1 - 2:46:05 -- this was on 6/14/08 so that's my half history. I've run one on no real training (as was my MO last year I guess). So for this half I wanted to go sub-2. But then I went crazy and just decided to run more and forget everything else... so now i'm doing that and I have no clue where it leaves me for the half. I'll still go out with the corrall I intended and I guess just see if I can find a groove and hold it...


            Oh, I thought it was just a question for you, Lou. Two HM's March 2006 - 2 hours March 2007 - 1:44 and change. I think that its one of my softer PR's based on my last two 10 milers.

            I ran a mile and I liked it, liked it, liked it.


            Oh Mighty Wing

              Oh, I thought it was just a question for you, Lou. Two HM's March 2006 - 2 hours March 2007 - 1:44 and change. I think that its one of my softer PR's based on my last two 10 milers.
              yours would be for a marathon silly.

              Happy Camper

                Six 1/2's since 2005: Columbia 2005: 2:06:37 Columbia 2006: 2:04:09 Columbia 2007: 1:48:19 Columbia 2008: 1:54:26 Sedalia 2006: 1:57:35 Sedalia 2008: 1:51:09 That's it. Columbia has hills and is in October. 2009 it's to be moved to September to be a part of the Roots-n-Blues Bar-be-que Fest. Perfect. I night of great blues music, beer and then a 1/2. Sedalia is flat and in March. Goal is to sub 1:50.

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                  I have two halfs, late March and late April, and of course Bayshore in May. Half: 10/5/2008 Brooksie Way 1/2 Marathon 1:33:15 6/3/2007 2007 Dexter-Ann Arbor half-marathon 1:37:27 10/24/2004 Hell-O-Ween half marathon 1:31:37 6/6/2004 Dexter-Ann Arbor Half-Marathon 1:28:24* 6/1/2003 Dexter-Ann Arbor Half-Marathon 1:39:39 Can't you tell I like DxAA? It's a great race, net downhill (with one major uphill at the finish). It's such a fast course, I'm sad I won't be running it this year, Bayshore is the week before. I'll probably run the 5K instead. Sure would like to get below 1:30 again though. Full: 1/11/2009 Disney Marathon 3:17:34 9/30/2007 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon3:31:00 10/5/2003 Detroit Marathon 3:35:10 Everyone knows about Disney, so I don't need to talk about those 95 seconds. :-)
                    I've only done three half marathons (all the same race), which is too bad because I really like the distance. But we only have one here locally, and I'm not going to travel just for a half... 7-8-2006 Santa Claus Half Marathon 1:53:50 (8:42 pace) (my year of injuries...) 7-7-2007 Santa Claus Half Marathon 1:45:04 (8:02 pace) 8-9-2008 Santa Claus Half Marathon 1:41:20 (7:45 pace) I like that trend, but I think I've maxed out on this one. This course is ridiculously flat, especially how they changed it last year due to flooding on the regular course. I'm sure my time would be much worse on a hillier course. But I like this race as a "tune up" race for the Equinox Marathon held the third Saturday in September, especially now that they've moved it to early August.