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April 2012... Boston month! (Read 592 times)


    Murphy is there a link we where we can track you?


    WillRunForBeer and PDR are running the Country Music Marathon in Nashville this weekend. Good luck, Lou and Harriet! I hope it's not too warm for a good run.

      Ive asked if there will be periodic updates. Havent gotten a response yet.


      Last year tupdates were posted throughout the day on



      Otherwise, I will post a few times throughout the day in the ultra forum. I went through last year's thread recently and I had a couple of very incoherent posts. Tired+autocorrect=hilarity.


      I will also post on Facebook--Im friends with most in here that have Facebook, so they can copy those in here if they chose.

        Good Luck Lou and Harriett!!

          Thanks, guys.  We get a bonus extra hour sleep due to the time change last night (who knew?).  We were in Greeneville, TN overnight after going to see some national park units (Andrew Johnson's home), and came to Nashville this afternoon.  A little bit of time at the expo, where Harriet told the Innov8 people that I indeed do not need any new shoes, then came back to the hotel to relax.  Had an early dinner, and are getting ready to hit the sack soon, with a 3:15 alarm, for a 7:00 start.  Something about wanting to be on the shuttle by 4:30...


          Oh we did go to the visitors center to buy some tickets for some attractions.  Interesting that there was live music there, and the guys playing were excellent.  Definitely some music in our future, after this pesky race.  We're staying until Tuesday, I think.

          Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |


            Erika your Boston time is amazing for how hot it was. I'm sorry it was so damn hot.


            Lou, wish you luck on FB, go get em.


            I'm feeling optimistic these days. Going to see an orthopedic surgeon for my injury and demands tests. I should have went back to doctor sooner. I've been hurting for 7 months so it is not going away on its own. I think I have a chronic compartment syndrome and will need surgery to fix it.  But crazy as this sounds I just pray that this is it, it is diagnosis and fixable.  We're pretty sure the PF I thought I had is not it. All the nights I wore that boot were for nothing, but that is okay, just want to move forward.



              Hey Everyone!


              I've been reading, not posting..... . Congratulations to Lou, Harriet and Erika-   I followed Boston and hated that it was so hot for you guys.


              I'm still nursing this achilles.   I hope there is an end in sight.  It's been no running for about 6 weeks now.   I've never had a long layoff.


              Good luck Murphy!    Let us know how it goes.   Balancing kids and running is always hard, but I encourage to keep trying.  Wink


              Bugs, hang in there.   You are tenacious and strong.   I feel your pain.... although, your struggle is much more involved and longer than mine.    I hope you get some answers soon.