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Week of 4/19 (and 2 days late) (Read 190 times)

    Got my race report posted in the RR thread. But it's just a link to the Master's forum where it's posted. So you can just go find it here.

    Congratulations on the relay, Kimmie! I love those. I did the ragnar relay a couple months before the 2008 Boston marathon. Never would've thought of doing one in the week after. Good job! Now... be sure to rest up. You put a lot of stress on already well-worked muscles, tendons, etc. The next week to 10 days are prime injury season for you. Be careful!

    6.1 miles tonight. I've been feeling progressively worse since coming home from Boston and yesterday was the worst. I went to bed at 8:30 and didn't get up till after 7. Felt much better after that, but sort of wore down as the day went on. Another early bedtime tonight should help a lot. It's easy to forget how much a race effort like the marathon combined with travel in planes, crowded airports, etc can really pack a punch on your immunity. 

      Hope you feel better, Erika.  Great race report!  (my detailed comments are in that thread)

      Kimmie!  A relay a week after Boston?  And look at those times!  Great race!

      2.4 miles for me -- still healing.

      Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |

      Hail to The Victors!

        Nice running Kimmee!  Good stuff!


        Went down to Toledo this morning to watch the Glass City Races and got a couple of really easy jogging miles in. 


        Caught a couple of RAers as well, Phil Mishka, Floyd (roots in the Swamp), and Rick and Tammy Velich. 


        I do like the road race environment, and watching the running sure was inspiring!

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          Great race report Erika, and hope you can catch up on rest and recover.


          I ran with a friend this morning, then continued on by myself, and I find it is tiring to keep running alone. Got tired. Wasn't hungry afterward (usually I am), and had to push myself to eat something and didn't like it. Speaking of which I need to go eat that chilidog I got afterward and haven't tried yet.


          This is what I don't like about long runs - I get tired and miss having company.

          It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.



            Love your report. All you went through that PR must mean so much. You're my idol.



             That was cool that you did that. I'd love to just go watch a marathon one day.. never done that. Smile



             Need gloves, got it. Thanks. I'm scared of the falls. I will probably be a low key biker that stops to blow her nose and even slows way down for the downhills. I'm a wuss with nothing to prove. Looks like my DH will have no troubles filling my x-mas stocking this year though. I do think I need to find a biking event to test out this bike this year.  I'm excited to be a novice at this, and have a bar set low for me.


            Ran 12 miles after the race yesterday, and woke up to tired everything. Fishing season here now, so I get one morning, and DH gets one morning to fish. My late afternoon recovery run turned into a very easy nice 10 mile run. Just love being back on the trails. Sometimes on the weekend I ditch my running friends just to be on the trails alone, it is like mediation for me that running in town doesn't provide. I have this strange habit of trying to run with my eyes closed. I'll do it for about 30 steps. Have not hit a tree yet.


            Happy with my running for the week, got in a few more fast miles, managed to XT enough to get my Achilles pain gone, and still run decent miles considering. Next week I have a half so I got start shutting in down about Wednesday. Hoping to run a few miles before and after to add up to 17 miles for a LR, then run another 20 mile run the weekend after.



              So, I run a 200 mile, 24 hour relay, 4 days after Boston, not the best idea I've ever had.   Getting in and out of the van (it's a big, 15 passenger one),  is a bit of an issue,   I groan and moan and wonder how I'm ever going to run.  But my friend encourages me, we go out to warm up and it seems my legs are in working order.    Every leg, I felt very good...  I went out too fast every time....we were actually neck and neck with this team the whole relay and we ended up placing 3rd, finishing with a 27:27  and they finished with a 27:45-   they talked smack to us the whole time... totally funny.

              My slowest leg was my 5 am leg-   only 5 miles, that were flat, thankfully- but started it the total darkness on a trail.  I can see a man in the distance who is running easy.   I proceed to pass him (this is with only 1/4 mile to go)   Is that bad?   I wanted to run it in fast.  So, anyway, he turns and looks at me, and all of sudden was like, "Oh no, you didn't"  and starts to pour on the steam.  Which I LOVE.... bring it on, buddy.   We are sprinting it out to the finish, really as fast as I can go-   and I think this is awesome.  We both finish exactly at the same time and I am prepared to shake his hand and say, "way to go- thanks for the push at the end"   when he snubs me and acts all mad that I attempted to pass him.

              What's the deal with that?   Are we not in this for fun?  For me, it was fun to try to run as hard as I could at the end... I don't get anger over someone passing you.    Or, in this case, almost passing you..

              So, all that running and I don't hurt a bit.  I sub P.E. today and run with the kids on the tiled gym floor and my ankle is killing me.  They really should have a more forgiving surface in the gym at the school.   I'm such an old person.  Smile

              Bugs, sorry to hear you have ankle issues.,

              Erika- feel better~

              Lou-  keep healing

              Jeremy- sounds fun!

              Paul?  Dave?  Pam-  feeling any better?