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Week of 6/28/2010 (Read 199 times)

On the road again...

    Stepped outside to 61F and lower humidity and smiled the entire run.  55 minutes of bliss.

    I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.

      Lost my spot atop the Biggest Loser leaderboard. Technically I gained 1.2 lbs. It was a rest day for me, had I worked out, I would have lost weight..but still not had the lead.


      5k in the morning. Im excited to see what I can do. Shooting for 24 minutes. Would be pleasently surprised if I can do that having never run a 5k before. I know I can go under 8 minute pace for a mile or 2, not sure about 3.1.

      On the road again...

        Enjoy your 5k, Murph!  Of course, if you do enjoy it, then you probably could have run it faster.    Can't wait to hear how fast you go.

        I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.

        On the road again...

          *It's quiet in here*

          Ran 12.5 miles this morning.  Cooler temps were nice and I ended up running a much quicker pace than I expected, esp. since it felt pretty easy for the majority of the run.  Avg pace for the run was 9:37, so I'm pleased with that.  Wish this weather would stay around a little longer, but normal mid 90 summer days are returning next week.  

          Good running and racing to everyone!  Enjoy the 4th.

          I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.

            I really enjoyed the 5k this morning.


            I believe my finishing time is officially 24:48. Misssed my goal by a bit, but finished dead on 8 minute pace. Garmin shows 24:38 for 3.1--the 10 seconds is the difference from where I lined up to the start.


            We didnt hang around for the awards. I am curious how I finished. Im sure I didnt place or anything. Maybe next year when I change age groups.


            I lined up a bit too far back, and had to work to find some space. I was only passed by two people the entire race. One woman that was probably 40+ but very fit wit about 1/2 mile to go, and one 14 year old girl that was right behind me most of the race. I wasnt quite motivated enough to stop her.


            Mile 1 7:37

            Mile 2 7:49

            Mile 3 8:21


            additional 10th, whatever the difference is less the time to get to the start.


            Felt great the first mile, tried to take it a bit easier the 2nd mile. Obviously the legs were losing strength the final mile. I think I could have gone a bit faster if I felt I could get under 24 minutes I would have pushed harder the last 4/10ths and probably puked at the end.

            On the road again...

              Great time, Murph, and it sounds like you learned a lot about racing in your first 5k.  Remember, a sudden swing of the leg is effective at slowing down potential passers.  

              I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.

              Happy Camper

                I'm back and feel okay.  They did a great job putting on the  races.  I'll do a better report later but had a pretty good time with it.  I was up at 2:30 this morning and took no cut back or taper. Today was day 91 of the  run streak,

                not to mention it's the 3rd of July weather wise.  I have nearly 80 run miles  for the week and will enjoy tomorrow's run as well.  Chip  time was 4:00:50 There were some lonely stretches  after the 1/2'ers finished which for me makes it harder  to keep pushing pace  but the group didn't really spread out too bad.  1st overall was 3:40, last finisher was 4:33.

                Second fastest marathon for me.  Finished 11/15, 1st and only in age group. Think I'm on schedule for Pikes Peak, will do okay at Heart of  America and could PR at Lewis & Clark on October 3rd since my PR is  a  3:56Tight lipped


                Type Distance Time Total Time Pace Avg HR Max HR Notes
                Interval 1 Mi 8:40.36 8:40.36 8:41      
                Interval 1 Mi 8:41.95 17:22.31 8:42      
                Interval 1 Mi 8:49.1 26:11.41 8:50      
                Interval 1 Mi 9:10.24 35:21.65 9:11      
                Interval 1 Mi 8:50.63 44:12.28 8:51      
                Interval 1 Mi 8:55.24 53:07.52 8:56      
                Interval 1 Mi 9:01.27 1:02:08.79 9:02      
                Interval 1 Mi 9:16.65 1:11:25.44 9:17      
                Interval 1 Mi 9:04.06 1:20:29.50 9:05      
                Interval 1 Mi 8:47.97 1:29:17.47 8:48      
                Interval 1 Mi 8:12.93 1:37:30.40 8:13      
                Interval 1 Mi 8:30.13 1:46:00.53 8:31      
                Interval 1 Mi 7:46.95 1:53:47.48 7:47      
                Interval 1 Mi 8:44.71 2:02:32.19 8:45      
                Interval 1 Mi 9:13.6 2:11:45.79 9:14      
                Interval 1 Mi 9:22.69 2:21:08.48 9:23      
                Interval 1 Mi 9:00.29 2:30:08.77 9:01      
                Interval 1 Mi 9:03.58 2:39:12.35 9:04      
                Interval 1 Mi 9:38.53 2:48:50.88 9:39      
                Interval 1 Mi 9:30.9 2:58:21.78 9:31      
                Interval 1 Mi 9:22.94 3:07:44.72 9:23      
                Interval 1 Mi 10:00.22 3:17:44.94 10:01      
                Interval 1 Mi 10:27.66 3:28:12.60 10:28      
                Interval 1 Mi 9:41.39 3:37:53.99 9:42      
                Interval 1 Mi 9:50.5 3:47:44.49 9:51      
                Interval 1 Mi 9:49.65 3:57:34.14 9:50      
                Interval 0.35 Mi 3:17.38 4:00:51.52 9:24



                Nice running Murph!

                Determination: The feeling you get right before you try something incredibly stupid.

                  So your overall  time was right about at 4 hours? How was the course? Good job on that, and the small size does sound fun. Sounds like a very well supported run.

                  Nice 5k for you, Murphy! The first one is always a learning experience. Will be fun to see how you go from here.

                  Yes, it does seem quiet in here. I know I'm not here much, just been so damn busy lately at work, and a list of "To Do's" as long as my arm at home. But I have been running. Did the mile race on Thursday and got a 2 second PR out of it (6:36.4) but still slower than I was hoping for. I have a 5k tomorrow that I've never run before. The course is supposed to be very fast, meaning no hills and few sharp turns. We'll see. Would be nice to PR, but I'm just looking for some speedwork in the form of races, since I don't do much of it on my own.

                  We had an incredible thunnerstorm here just as I was going to head out for my run. Hugh black clouds, loud cracks of thunder, strong wind and then the rain. Wow, it rained buckets! I think half our driveway ended up in the ditch again. Living on a hill is so much fun. It carried on for about an hour and a half or so... then lightened up a bit. I checked the radar, and it looked clear on my end so off I went. I love the way things smell after a hard rain. Like the air got a good scrubbing. 8.6 miles, 8:18 avg pace (faster on the way down the hill, slower on the way back up) and felt good.

                  I also got dive bombed by those dumb birds again... twice! As I was leaving their territory, one of them swooped by me really close, then squawked a lot on the way back to the nesting area. Like he (she?) was saying, "look! I scared it away again!" Dumb birds.

                  Making Mango Peach Chutney now. Love that stuff and I've been out for a long time but found a good supply of peaches AND mangoes on sale at the same time. Yay!

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                    M: I hope you enjoyed passing people and hardly getting passed at all Smile


                    p2r: After running a 4 flat on a high mileage week with no taper, and waking up at 0200, that PR shouldn't be hard to crack. Congratulations on a strong "train through" marathon.

                    It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

                      Hope everyone is having a great 4th!!


                      8 miles tonight. Very hot, feeiling very good. Not sure what I'll do tomorrow. Should be an off day.

                        Tomorrow will be an off day from running for me, I think. But I'll be weeding the garden so will be plenty busy.

                        Today I ran the Independence Day 5k, and got a shiny new PR! My Garmin had a time of 21:54, but I don't know what the official time is. I hope it'll be in the paper tomorrow. This was a fast course, and I probably could've done better if I hadn't stayed up so late last night. But oh well, I ran it hard and gave it pretty much all I had and finally ran a sub-22 minute 5k! That's been my goal for years, so it's really nice to finally attain it.

                        Then I ran 8 more miles to sort of make this a long run day. Legs were really tired and my heart wasn't in it. I was very glad to be done.