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Week of 10/4/2010 (Read 143 times)

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    I recently found a handball in our bag of tennis balls in the garage, and it (the handball) is nicer for rolling than a tennis ball, cause it doesn't hardly deform.  (Not sure if it is competitive with a foam roller, but I like using a tennis ball to roll, and I like this handball better.)


    I didn't hit my hoped-for, rather ambitious goal in my 10-miler (wanted to run near 1:04, or under 1:05), but I did get a 30sec PR, so I should be happy about it.


    Got a lot of running in altogether, as after everything (awards & retrieving stuff from course) was over, several of us ran the course again. It was sunny all day, and I wound up with some sunburn, b/c I never thought of suntan lotion -- oops. Also I did get in a bit of swimming in the river -- that felt good (after getting over initial shock of entry into the water -- felt very cold at first, but good once I got moving).

    It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.