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Week of 6/27/2011 (Read 234 times)


    Great job on the Tri Bugs.    That was an awesome time for your first attempt.


    Glad to hear the foot is feeling better Lou.


    Nice Race Kimmie.


    Look forward to your report Erika.


    I drank the Cross Fit  kool aide last week.   My first lessons.


    If I can get away from teaching so many cycle classes ( 128 classes so far this year)  I might get back to running someday.


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      Yeah, they are track meets. DW & I are directing the local series, and Wed we went north to hit one up there, where we can be just participants, which is also fun Smile


      During today's run, one of the guys said he might stop earlier and go back to the parking lot and do core exercises, which actually inspired me to do some afterward. Doing any is a big success for me, as I generally only think about how I'd like to do them, and very seldom actually execute the idea. Woohoo I'm happy with that -- yes, easily amused, I am.


      PS: An RA-friend of mine (Quint) came to the Wed one. He ran the 400. I'd thought about running it to race him, but decided to do the 3000 instead. Good thing, as (a) we ran the 400 fully laned, so competition doesn't necessarily work out, depending what lanes you are, and more importantly, (b) he ran 10sec faster than i can run in the 400. Wow. Apparently leg speed can vary independently of mid-distance speed....

      It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.



        Nice job on weight loss. I feel like I'm slippin. Got me a bigger blend and smoothies are bigger. Sad

        Don't be scared of the triathlon. Do you have a bike?



        I've missed you. The triathlon was great fun, but mostly I liked how I felt in training, no body parts hurting, and able to train more hours with better recovery. I want to smash that time next year, and I want to be able to swim fast, with effort, right now I swim slow but am working on technique with master coach. I love the challenge of mastering it in the pool. But I think the main improvement will come from a stroner bike base.  I see totally why you like the triathlons. Are you training for a a goal race?


        I had sore legs Saturday from a bad recovery this week, I guess i was just too excited about the triathlon..the high was a little like a first marathon. Running an 8k tomorrow, and it caused a long run schedule delima. I'm not Lou or Perry. Sad I ran six slow miles today and will run about eight before the race. Then run longer again on Thursday. Goal marathon is 18 weeks away...