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    I'm not specifically training for a marathon right at the moment, probably looking at a half or two in the spring and a marathon in the fall, hopefully that qualifies me to post on this thread. My goals for 2008 are: 1) Sub 3 marathon, missed it by 11 seconds last time. 2) Be faster at 40 than I was at 20 in the 5 and 10km. ( My lifetime bests were set at age 20, 16:35 and 34:59, last year at 38/39 I ran 17:08 and 36:25, I'll be 40 in Sept. ) 3) Stay healthy.
      Welcome Matt..Congrats on the weight! To go from 252 to a goal of 3:25!! Please feel free to join us in the weekly threads. Can always use new blood to keep us motivated--and somewhat in line.

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        here is what i had in mind for 08 endurance goals when i made my list in dec 07. 1. avalon 50 miler - january - i flaked on this plus got injured. 2. lake hodges 50k - march - this was canceled due the so cal wild fires 3. pct 50 mile sub 11 hours - may 10th 4. shadow of the giants 50k - may 31st (very slow) 5. san diego rock in roll marathon - june 1st - might do this instead of shadow of the giants. would be my first marathon. ill only run it to run it if my wife decides to do it as her first marathon. 6. volunteer at the san diego 100 - june 7th 7. solo the prow on washingtons column - june 17th - 20th 8. mt russell, my whitney, mt, muir, mt langely in a day - july 12 9. mt tyndall and mt williamson car to car - sub 16 hours -july 26 10. mt disappointment 50 miler august 9th 11. alaska fishing aug 13-17th (this is endurance scotch drinking, cigar smoking and fishing) 12. bulldog 50k - august 23rd (super slow) 13. palisades traverse - car to car -august 30th 13. angeles crest 100 miler - september 13th 14. any route on el capitan - october 11th - 18th this a total dream, if i do have of this stuff i'll be stoked. most of it really is just preparing for angeles crest and will depend on how well my abused body holds up.
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          Honestly I only have 5k in under 30 minutes
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            Hello everyone! I thought that this would be a good thread to introduce myself. I know it is a little late for new year resolutions, but I just decided to run a marathon this Fall. I am not sure which one, but the OBX marathon seems to be the most likely choice. 2008 Goals: -Run a race in the Winter: Done! Run for the Roses Feb. 2008 -Run my first 10K: Done! Wake Med/Cary Distance Festival (Automatic PR 55:19) -PR in a Half Marathon: Done! Inside/Out Half Marathon March 30, 2008 (2:07) -Volunteer at the Umstead 100: Done! (Aid Station worker at Sally's Asylum) -PR in The Great Raleigh Road Race (8k) on July 4th, 2008 (sub 45 minutes) -Stay healthy! -Run my first marathon Happy (um...Late) New Year! Cheers!
              THought it would be nice to have a thread just for our 2008 running goals. My goals: Get to 175 lbs. Pushing 200 now. Run 1500 miles 2 marathons at under 5 hours. And to set PRs at each marathon (Flying Pig and then Las Vegas). If I can set a PR at the Pig, I should be able to beat that time in Vegas since its a much easier course. Happy New Year!
              Glad I read this. The total mile goal will be tricky with 2 full months of laziness/sickness/injury.1000 miles is still attainable. Still expect to do my 2 marathons under 5 will just be the Air Force marathon and Vegas. Doing th Pig half.

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                Hi All, Joined RA and this group about two weeks ago, as part of my goal to run my first marathon. I ran CC in high school, and have run off and on the past couple of summers, but nothing near the consistency or mileage required for a marathon. So I'm looking forward to using the tools on here to track my performance, and to the forum folks for advice / help / motivation. As I mentioned, my main goal is to complete my 1st marathon. I've chosen some other races that will help my build miles and runs, train, and practice racing in my quest (see my signature). I've signed up for the NYC lottery, but if that doesn't come through there are a few others in my area near the same time I can substitute. Secondary goal is to lose the 50 or so pounds I've gained over the last 20+ years since high school. And now that I'm thinking about it, running my high school alumni 5K and turning in a better time than I ever did there would be faaaaaantastic! Got to add that to the list...
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                  Hey Guys! My ears were burning and I knew someone was talking about me! 1. 2350 miles 2. 3:50 marathon 3. 24:30 5k 4. Average >4.5 days running per week In order to make these, obviously I need to stay injury free and it'll help to drop some poundage. Numbers 1 and 4 are pretty aggressive. 2 and 3 should be a natural result of 1 and 4.
                  Well let's see. There's still just over 30 days left in the year but I don't think that's too soon to start taking a look back on the year, maybe start thinking about 09. #1 - not even close. I don't know exactly what I got because I stopped logging for a while but it was significantly under 2000 miles. This summer was tough for me. I almost stopped running. #2 No dice there either. I didn't do a fall marathon this year. I was too busy trying to put the wheels back on my training. #3 - smashed it. 24:06 new PR for 5k. #4 - Not exactly. I wsa hoping to average 4.5 days per week and I'm not going to do that for the year. However I have made the transition to running 5+ days per week and have been very consistent with that for a few months.


                    Biggest one is to run without injury this year. I've been doing really well avoiding injuries since last Spring and I want to keep it up. Other ones: 1. 100 miles per month each month during the year 2. 1500 total miles 3. PR 1:50 HM 4. PR 3:50 Marathon 5. PR 1:17 Army Ten Miler
                    Great idea to revisit the 2008 goal thread, MrI. I ran mostly without injury this year but started having knee and leg trouble at the end of my marathon training cycle. I also had an achilles tendonitis problem in March and April that put my monthly mileage way down in those months. Looks like I killed the PR goals and didn't hit the mileage goals. Wonder what that means? 1. Nope. I only had 5 months over 100 this year. 2. Missed this one too. Will probably check in around 1200. 3. I got this one early in the year with a 1:44 HM back in March 4. Very happy with this one. 3:39 in late October. 5. Got this one too. 1:13:42 in early October.

                    I ran a mile and I liked it, liked it, liked it.


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                      I'll join you Mr. I:
                      My goals are aggressive this year darnnit! Racing goals: March 9th: Caesar Rodney Half May 8th: Broad Street Run (10 Miler) Sept 21st: Philadelphia Distance Run (HM) Nov 23rd Philadelphia Marathon (26.2) Running goals: To keep doing it healthy style! Other goals: 1. enjoy my wedding 2. keep using the gym 3. to not eat my face off just because I feel hungrier!!
                      So my racing goals weren't even CLOSE! Although I did: Complete a half and a full Set a huge PR in the 5K I still have my sights set on a 10K PR before the year is out! Running Goal I did pretty well after my knee injury early in the year. I've been healthy since then and I thank streaking for that! Other goals: 1. Done! 2. Not at all - I hate the gym 3. Will always be a work in progress. All in all I am VERY happy with my year!


                        1. Run a race every month every month besides December. 2. Run a half marathon PR. <> Run a 15K PR. 2. Break personal course records in three races. 4. Maybe a fall marathon. It's a lower priority goal, my main goal is Fargo 2009 marathon.
                        There fixed it.



                          I was gonna put a total mileage goal out there, but 10 is more than enuf (but I would like to hit 2,000)
                          Almost there Erika!