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    At least Lou is consistent. Big grin I'll start it this week. Finally the week I can claim I'm tapering instead of just lazy. None of that pre-dawn crap for me but I am getting ready to hit the commute hard. Maybe 3-4 later.

    I ran a mile and I liked it, liked it, liked it.

    Oh Mighty Wing

      I slept in this morning. That extra half an hour was NICE!! Can't WAIT to run this afternoon!!

        Thanks for the wakeup call, Lou. Smile Early morning running is so different than afternoon running.... basically, I'm running and feel like I'm going a certain pace, but when I check my watch, I see that it's not that fast. So, 5 miles in 48 min. I thought we were going a bit faster than this... but to my defense, this route has a ton of hills that are pretty killer. I haven't run with this group since Sept. a little bit of lazy and some of " my husband has to leave for work early" so... hopefully he wasn't too ticked at having to leave a little later than usual. yay Shan! Smile Just let me know if you're staying here or at your friends.
          Doh! Posted on last week's thread again. Here it is for posterity: A true recovery run: 3.1 miles, 30:07, 9:35/mi, AHR 127 (64% mhr) Yeah, but Kimmie -- doesn't it feel great to have your run over with?

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            Yes, Lou, it does....I forgot to write about all the things I LOVE about early morning running.... one shower for the day... I go to the gym now and kick everyone's butts because I've already had a good workout instead of hoping to get it in. seeing the sunrise... although I was done before the sun came up today. the quietness of the streets. catching up with these friends- most of my friends can't run in the afternoons. Plus, I feel guilty running in the afternoons when maybe I should be doing the trainer thing or the house wife thing. I could go on and on.... maybe I'll stop being so lazy.

            Oh Mighty Wing

              Kimmie - no need to defend your pace. Nothing wrong with slow easy running! Smile And I will hopefully know by today or tomorrow and will be able to let you know!! Sorry, we are such last minute planners!
                For the record, I did nothing to tick off the neighborhood kids. I was a random victim, Im sure. Confused My legs are stiff today. Gonna keep plugging away. I usually get back into decent running shape fairly least for moderate distances. Going to run the Heart Mini 15k for the third straight year on March 29. Hope to improve on my PR from last year of 1:28:49. If I can pull down a 1:25:00, I'll feel pretty good.
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                Suspect Zero

                  Went in today and filled out a bunch of paperwork for the new job. I've got a real office! With walls and a door and everything! Running's going fabulously, although I missed a recovery run last week. I had to jockey things around and did a med/long run on Friday and a long run on Saturday and seemed to have survivied just fine (was pretty tough though). Not sure how the new job is going to affect training. Not too much hopefully, but there are certainly going to have to be some sacrifices.
                    I LOVE running early enough to catch the sunrise unfortunatly I'm usually sleeping at that time. I know come spring break I'll be doing what I can to get my runs in before dh heads to work which is early. 12 easy miles in the parkway today. It was nice not having to deal with cars etc.

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                    Oh Mighty Wing

                      6 mile shake-out.

                      Hail to The Victors!

                        Back from the niece's baptism in Chicago. After a nice easy weekend of running, today was a quick 12 tempo @7:15 or so. That was gooooood. I'm tired at my cube, and loving every minute of it. Running in the morning early is something I can do, but it's just not my thing, for some reason, I just can't do speed right out of bed. Too creaky, I guess. Give me an hour break, and an adrenaline rush, and I'm fine, but otherwise, it's rough. However, you see so much awesome wildlife at sunrise, it's a nice treat when I have to do it.
                          I just put the finishing touches on my training plan leading up to the Pig on May 3. Its ridiculously aggressive. It incorporates doubles to get me about 11 runs a week running 6 days. Im very excited, but I will run these miles very easy. To reach my marathon goal, I dont have to run fast, just long. And one thing I did learn is that increasing miles and pace at the same time is a sure way to get injured. If history is an indicator, my pace will pick up naturally. My minimum mileage week will be 50, and I plan to max out at 81 miles. I need to show that I can be as crazy as Shan (and hopefully improve like her--if I dont kill myself first).

                          Oh Mighty Wing

                            remember I don't increase pace and mileage - just mileage.

                            On the road again...

                              Took 4 days off - no running this weekend, but a lot of good times with my wife and kids. Put in 3.6 today - very easy pace as I'm starting my 2nd week of LHR training. Looking good, everyone!

                              I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.

                              Oh Mighty Wing

                                sweet - time with wife/kids is always good!! Jhall - what do you mean how did I manage to pull that off?? Tongue