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    Well why not? It is almost the middle of the month!


    NTS, that was a great race report from Peachtree! How fun, and so close to your PR!


    Hey Paul, how are you doing with the summer heat so far? This hasn't been a real hot year for you guys has it?


    Perry, cool to hear about your wife's 6 hour run! I've never run a time race like that, but think it would be fun to see how far you could get. What's her goal?


    Sorry to have been so absent from here. This has been an incredibly busy year! We've had one of the hottest and driest summers on record around here, and are currently dealing with forest fire smoke. It's really not as bad as past years though, so it's just something else to work around. Like the mosquitoes (which were really bad this year). We're having a banner year for blueberries and DH and I have been going berry picking as much as we can. The blueberries are almost all done though (getting a little over-the-hill for quality), and it'll be a couple more weeks before the lowbush cranberries are ready.


    Running has been going well. I've been running a lot of 50+ mile weeks, and last week was 60 miles. That's a lot for me, as I usually average low to mid 40's most weeks. DH and I got a wild hair to add another Marathon Maniac star to my profile, so I ran three races back-to-back in mid-June: She Rocks the Trails 50k (that was hard!) on June 15, the San Francisco Marathon on June 16 and Tracy's Fat Ass Marathon on June 17. Did well in all three but man was I sore afterwards! That's a lot of hilly miles to cram into those first two days!


    Not surprisingly, the 10k I ran on June 22 was not my best time.... Since then I've just been running the local series races, and so far am holding up pretty well in overall standings. Two races left though, a hilly cross country 5k and then the Equinox Marathon on September 21. Ran my first 20 miler in prep for that last Sunday and it went well enough.


    Ok, that's enough of an update on me. What are you guys up to in August? What's next on your race list?


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      6hr report


      The 6hr went quite well. Ran it all w DW, and a friend of ours ran most of the loops w us. She got bad leg cramps in the last couple of loops (4mi loops), but I cajoled her into continuing and running when they dissipated. She had a conservative goal of 30, but we both figured her for more than that, and indeed she got 35. We lucked out on the weather--much of the day was at least partly cloudy.

      Immediately afterward she had bad leg cramps, and did some crying and some laying down. A friend went & got a car and came out on course & picked us up. I eventually pushed her into drinking and eating, and she was able to walk a little by the time we left--but she spent a lot of time laying in the car whilst I was off eating or helping clean up.

      It took her several weeks to recover. Successive weekly mileages were 0, 12, 24, and then she was back up to nearly 40.


      However, before she'd fully recovered, my autumn 50mi opened registration, and she told me to sign her up, so we're signed up for that together. Therefore we need to do long runs and trail runs in the autumn...

      It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.


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        Erika - that sounds pretty yummy about the blueberries (and also the high mileage sounds promising!). We seldom take advantage of the produce stands in our area, but returning from vacation last weekend, I got a bunch of fruit from one, and so am slicing and taking in some each day this week. Last night DW boiled me some potatoes and eggs, so I have more food to take in to work with me; I've felt tired and nearly faint a couple times in the evening running this week, so I was thinking that maybe I wasn't eating enough.


        I think I saw on FB a while back that Kim is running again.

        It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.


          Leg cramps are the worst! I hope she's over that... I've heard all sorts of reasons, but usually it seems to be a conditioning thing more than electrolytes or temperature.


          On to September!!!