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Week of 08/01/11 (Read 177 times)

    NameDistance ▼Time
    Amores Perros 86.5 mi 12:25:45
    evanflein 64.3 mi 8:43:16
    AussieGirl76 55 mi 8:12:30
    CaraH 53.2 mi 8:01:19
    WillRunForBeer 50 mi 7:43:25
    pace2race 47.5 mi 8:13:00
    irpete 36.7 mi 6:08:50
    Kimmie 22 mi 3:25:45
    Cashmason 10.6 mi 1:43:01
    Murphy996 10.2 mi 2:17:25
    jhallum 9.3 mi 1:18:23
    theyapper66 8.4 mi 1:30:00
    DenverDiva 6.3 mi 1:38:00
    willamona 5 mi 0:00
    lilcat19 1.2 mi 10:02
    Bugs 0 mi 0:00
    dgb2n 0 mi 0:00
    Dutchie42 0 mi 0:00


    It's good to see more people starting training programs or about to start.


    It can't seem to get much below 100 here lately, so every run I'm losing several pounds.  Interestingly I'm able to keep pace, although I'm having to stop about five times for a few seconds to catch my breath.  Hills are apparently twice as high when it's so hot.  I have this brand new treadmill but I have zero interest in using it.  I have the most beautiful trail 1/4 mile from my house. 


    To respond to the Lydiard thing, I don't really know if I'm a fan either.  I joked that during my last marathon training I was putting all of these ingredients (tempo/interval distance/speed and long runs) into a pot and seeing what came out, and based on those (FIRST) guidelines, I finished the marathon 20 seconds faster than their predicted time.  I hear people all the time saying the 14, 16, 18, 20, 20, 20... is a waste of time, and I'm at the point where I'm willing to try something different.  The worst thing that can happen is I'll hit the wall, and we go way back anyway.  The thing that intrigues me about it is rather than having a long run of 20, you've got a 15, 13, 12 for example, in one week.  I can do a 20 tomorrow, but give me those three in one week and I really struggle.  It's definitely a weakness of mine.


    Have a good week all. 

      Perry, I have to say that I feel ill when I look at your training log, I have no idea how you do it. 


        I know, isn't Perry's log just amazing? And this from a guy who says he can't do long runs by himself. Incredible.


        Gen, you're right, what's the worst thing that can happen? I think when you're first starting out, maybe your first or second marathon, it's important to have a schedule, one that works for you and that you understand (as in: why am I running this run today?). After that, I think it's good to tailor it so it works for you. Everyone is different, and following a prescribed plan that doesn't work with either your running style or your life just doesn't make for a happy marathoner. I started out with the Higdon Novice plan for my first, but I did add some twists to it since my marathon wasn't a typical road race. Lots of hill work.... Since then, I've kept the same basic structure, but adjust and tweak a lot. I also don't do 18 (or whatever) week training plans for the most part, just seem to repeat the last half or third depending on when the next race is.


        Lessee... last weekend was 11.1 mile tempo run (8:03 average) on Saturday and 20.5 miles (8:05 avg) long run with a really strong negative split. Helps to have all the hills in the first half... Wore long sleeves each day and just got warm in the last 5 or so miles of each run. Yeah, I did have to post that. Smile  Temps were in the 50's with spitty misty drizzle, with it clearing a bit and some sunshine at the end. Really, I'd rather be dealing with (a little bit of) heat more than that. This summer has not been overly warm, that's for sure.


        Hi Kimmie! Nice to see you pop in, are you on vacation somewhere??


        Hey Lou! Good to see you getting back out there, too.


        No run for me today, but will get to the gym later. Sort of a taper week for me ahead of Saturday's half marathon.

        Happy Camper

          Good morning everyone.  Great to see Lou able to run again.  Glad to see us all injury free for the most part.  I've bagged my plans for a Fall marathon.  It's been way to hot to get the training in.  I have pretty much settled into 4 easy pace runs of less than 10-miles, 2 interval workout days and one rest day.  I'm still getting by the gym for weights 4 days a week and I'll think I'll just enjoy the shorter distance races this Fall when the weather cools off.  There's a 10k this weekend but I've not entered just because even that distance would be much less fun with it being over 80 degrees in the morning.  My new way of eating is going well.  I'm  finally getting adjusted after 5-weeks of it.  My weight is down to 167's and it's been 2007 since I've been that low.  Maybe a normal BMI is in the cards?

          Determination: The feeling you get right before you try something incredibly stupid.

          Hawt and sexy

            Heh, Perry's up top? You know , if rocken and I start logging our runs again, one of us might top Perry. At this point,I would guess it's rocken.


            I'm trying to get in a race in CA for a fancypants marathon run. It should be a good challenge.


            MTA-the fancy pants text expander screwed up.

            I'm touching your pants.

            On the road again...

              Looks like everyone's doing well.  I'm finally back to a routine, and I guess being the head coach of the middle school XC team helps.  I've done doubles the last 2 days because of my morning training runs and then afternoon practices.  The slower miles at XC should help me build back up to some decent mileage, so that's good.


              Nice job on the weight, Bryan.  That's got to feel great!

              I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.

                9 yesterday, 6 this morning.  It's hard to run fast, a) because of the humidity, and, b) because I need to regain some conditioning


                Good to see everyone posting again

                Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |

                  I think I got close to Perry's mileage the week after his last marathon and when I was at my peak.  I no longer aspire to be #1 in the list.


                  That would be very cool to be a cross-country coach, I long for when my kids are old enough to do that, in case there's an opportunity for me to get involved and volunteer.


                  8 last night, 10 this morning, 12 tomorrow. 


                  We got to 110 yesterday...I ran inside!


                    Lou-  since you live near me, do you notice a big difference from previous summers?   I am just pouring in sweat when I'm done....crazy.


                    I read/heard somewhere that it's harder to deal with the heat, the older you get.  Sad


                    Today was good- another short one....


                    Paul, that's how I feel when Girls on the Run starts.... but cross country is so much more work.   My friend is the head coach for our local high school and asked me to be an assistant... not sure if I can fit that in with my girls/piano teaching etc....


                    speaking of Rocken, where is she?   Good to hear from you, Amanda.



                    Erika, we were on vacation in Michigan and Chicago.  I got to run in some pretty areas, but still nothing really long.

                      This summer is definitely hot, Kimmie.

                      Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |