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September 2013 (Read 27 times)

    Hey everyone, let's get busy here!


    Today I ran 21.5 miserable wet muddy mucky miles on the Equinox course. I can say more later, but suffice to say, I covered most of the course and sure hope we get some dry weather for the next two weeks....

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      Congrats on the long run.


      We ran 400s today - 4x400 w 400 recovery. Then DW and the others did one more, more slowly, concentrating on form - but I skipped that one, I'd had enough.


      DW & I have decided we'd like to try to get some hill work in at some point.

      It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

        C'mon, Perry! You're starting to sound like a slacker! Wait... you're not coming off injury are you? Hope not... What's coming up on your race schedule?


        Where is everyone? This is a good group, sorry to see it fade away...


        I actually took a rest day yesterday. Not really by choice, but the weather turned so awful I just didn't have the gumption to get out there in it. The rain was bad enough, but then the wind picked up and made it truly unpleasant. Good enough, I'd run 18 days in a row with a couple of tough runs in there, so it was time anyway. Today was foggy in the morning, but it cleared off to be a beautiful afternoon. I took a "late lunch" and went for a trail run at 1. A little soggy in spots, but still nice to get out there on the trails. 5.8 miles, ran it pretty hard and ended up with 8:20'something average. Nice.


          Wow - both impressive running


          i have been running well just big going online much

            I guess I should pop in here before the end of September to report on the Equinox Marathon. I came in at 4:16:24, which is not a bad time considering the snow up there on the back side of the dome. I really needed better shoes, but oh well. Came in 2nd for age group (first place was a gal from Anchorage who ran 4:07:30... no way I was catching her!), and 20th overall for women. Next year's goal is to do better on the hill. Even though I trained more on the Dome than ever before this year, I still felt pretty wiped out by the steady climb.


            Been running since the race, thinking I'll do about 40 mpw for awhile. Need to be sure to not slack off like last year. I'm down almost 10 lbs from january and don't want to pack that back on!


            Nice to see Kimmie! Hope everything is going well for you!

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              Congrats on the slenderness Erika!


              It's hard to relate to snow. It just got a bit chillier here, down to 60s and sometimes 50s in mornings - great running weather.


              I've almost certainly just peaked my weekend mileage with 60mi this weekend - couple long runs and several easy runs in the afternoon/evening.


              I have races most weekends from now on, so that is why I think this was my long run training peak.


              Main training goal is 50mi in late autumn w DW.

              It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

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                Oh and congrats on the masters podium finish too.

                It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.


                  HELLO! Anybody here?


                    BUGS!! How the Hell are you, girlfriend!??? I've missed this group so much, but there was just no activity for the longest time. What can we do to re-invigorate this group? I'm still running, but dealing with injuries more than I'd like. All pretty short term over-use stuff, but still aggravating. I just ran the Phoenix Marathon for state #18, and won my age group (how the hell did that happen?) after not running for three weeks dealing with PF. Now I'm just getting back to running, with a 10.2 mile long run today for a 33.5 mile week (weee!).


                    How are you and how can we get this group going again?



                      Your reply made my eyes glitter. Good to hear from you! You sound just like I left. Still running marathons, still winning age groups, probably still running away from a moose here and there.  Is the nest empty these days? More time to run.


                      Sorry for not responding quicker.  Amazing how busy my non-running life is.


                      I went back through posts to see where I left things. Wow.. like going back in time.  My last post was 8 months after I started to have pain and I was starting to lose my mind that I didn't have a diagnosis. I had never had RA. Mentally I was physically and mentally exhausted and just wanted to call it something.  One month just to make it to work, I took 60 ice baths in one month to control the pain. Took 1 1/2 years.. but got the diagnosis of neuropathy.


                      Hard on hands and feet. Running a mile hurts feet, swimming hurts pain. It was pretty hard to take. I was so vested in running. If running was on the stock market, I had 80% vested in one company and the stock tanked. But medicine has helped and I am pain free most of the time.


                      I keep busy. Work, house, shopping, reading, kids, volunteer job. Last year I roller bladed for the first time, sky diving. Always something.  Lately I am into 21 Day Fix, 30 minutes aerobics is perfect for me.


                      My boys are 14 & 16 and need me so much less.  I dropped some photos on flickr of my family & life.



                      (hope link works!)


                      Keep running Erika! I don't regret one mile, or one early wake-up call.


                        So good to hear from you (sorry for the delay here, too)! And I'm glad you have a diagnosis and treatment, although losing running would be so hard. My kids are 22 (almost 23) and 25. Youngest got out of the Marines last fall and is getting into the IBEW training program. Oldest graduated with B.S. in Biology last spring and is still trying to figure out next step. Although he is engaged to a wonderful girl with no date set yet. Life goes on! Getting back to 40+ miles per week and will probably stay there for awhile. Got Equinox on the schedule for September and Steamtown in PA for October and that's it for marathons this year (so far). Take care, Bugs. If we get to Minnesota anytime in the near future I'll be sure to let you know!

                        (yes the link worked, you look great!)